[Video] Upcycle Ideas: Storage Bin DIY

Looking for easy and fun upcycle ideas to help organize your space? Try making your own super easy storage bin box! All you need is a little bit of time, a sturdy box, a roll of twine, and some creativity.



Let us show you how to make your own DIY storage bin here!

When It Comes To Getting Organized – Color Code

A great way to get organized for the new year is to clearly mark categories of items with your favorite colors or patterns. This will help you easily identify and store smaller and loose items as time goes on. Here, we’re storing our spools of ribbons and bakers twine in an upcycled box with a red, polka dot pattern!

Here’s What You’ll Need


How To Make Your Own Upcycled Twine Wrapped Box:

Step 1: Prepare Your Box

Using your box cutter, remove the top flaps from your cardboard box. Seal the bottom with your low noise packing tape.

Step 2: Line The Interior With Your Favorite Gift Wrap

With your glue, line the interior of your cardboard box with your gift wrap. To achieve a bright band of color around our box top, we folded the lining of our box over each side.

Step 3: Wrap The Exterior With Twine

Starting from the bottom of our box, use hot glue to wrap your twine around the box exterior. Once fully wrapped and glued, simply cut the end of your twine. 

Step 4: Get Organized

Use your new storage bins to tidy up your home!


How are you organizing this year?  If you loved this DIY, check out our post on Easy Home & Office Organization Ideas. With your new, custom upcycled storage bin, and organizing must haves, you can tackle the new year refreshed!If you’re looking forward to more DIYs and How-To’s, stay tuned! We’ll be making more DIY videos, tips for small businesses, and product features all year long. Sign up for our email list here to stay in the know!

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  1. I have been buying a lot of those light weight canvas boxes at the dollar store, now I know how to make them pretty and strengthening them at the same time! My craft room is going to look super cute! Thank you for an amazing idea! Audrey Sue

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