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Customer Spotlight: Manna Kadar Beauty

At Paper Mart, we believe that every customer has a unique story to tell, and today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on one extraordinary member of our Paper Mart family – Manna Kadar Beauty. This remarkable brand has stood out with its unwavering commitment to celebrating the unique beauty found in every person. Their mission goes beyond offering exceptional products – it is about nurturing self-expression, fostering self-confidence, and embracing individuality.

In a world where beauty trends can feel overwhelming, Manna Kadar Beauty has consistently championed the idea that beauty is about embracing one’s unique self and celebrating individuality. The brand is known for making makeup and skincare routines more approachable and inspiring customers to embrace their unique beauty and empowering them on their personal self-care journeys.

We recently spoke with the brand’s accomplished founder and CEO, Manna Kadar, on the brand’s history and her illustrious career. Read on to learn more about this exceptional brand!

A Little About Manna Kadar Beauty

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

MK: Manna Kadar Beauty is a family of brands. It includes Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Beauty and the Bump, Goddess by Manna Kadar, Haute Dog Luxury Pet Products, Mason Man Skincare, and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body.

How did you get inspired to start?

MK: I am drawn to the hope and self-confidence I can encourage in others through beauty products. Over the years I have found that providing people with multi-functional, high-quality cosmetics can change their whole outlook on life, helping them become the best version of themselves.

Knowing that not everyone has hours to get ready, I created the “7 Minute Face.” It’s a three-step, award-winning Beauty Simplified System that on-the-go moms all over are implementing.

Do you have any favorite creations that you wanted to share with us?

MK: Where do I start? I love to party plan – you should see my Pinterest inspo boards filled with ideas. If there is something to celebrate, I’ve thrown a party for it! I love to create themed centerpieces and I find all the items I need on Paper Mart. The variety of items makes it so easy!

Manna Kadar Beauty & Paper Mart

As you know, we’re celebrating 100+ years as a family-owned business and we couldn’t have done it without your support throughout the years. What are your thoughts on the importance of shopping family owned and local?

MK: I’ve always been a big supporter of purchasing from family-owned businesses. It makes me happy to know I am helping another small business owner live their dream. After the pandemic, I feel it’s even more important to help local and family-owned companies – we’ve been through so much together!

How did you hear about Paper Mart, how long have you been a customer with us, and what keeps you coming back?

MK: Paper Mart has been with me since the beginning, in 2012! I purchased everything I needed to ship (at that time, it was me doing the shipping)! I loved the online catalog and the variety of items. Shipping was always fast and the customer service is A+!

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

MK: Crinkle paper! It’s available in every color under the rainbow, making it the perfect filler for my custom gift boxes.

Shop Manna Kadar’s Favorites

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These images are courtesy of Manna Kadar Beauty. If you’d like to check out their products and learn more about the brand, check out their official social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube) and website (

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