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Mommy and Me- Mother’s Day Contest Winner!

Mother’s Day is for Building Bonds

At Paper Mart, our products help our customers create memories to cherish for a lifetime. While we have been a leading resource for paper products, packaging, and craft supplies, we pride ourselves on our genuine connection with our customers. We know you use our supplies to show your affection to friends and family—whether it’s mailing extra special packages to loved ones far away or crafting customized gift baskets to show someone just how much they mean.

This year, we’re celebrating our customers with a new Mother’s Day Contest. There are thousands of ways to show Mom just what she means to you on this special day, and we’re grateful to be able to take part in her celebration.

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Our Contest: What Makes Mom Special

As part of our special Mommy and Me Mother’s Day Contest, we asked our friends and customers one question: What makes Mom special? Whatever your age, chances are you appreciate everything Mom does for you.

The contest ran from May 2nd to May 6th, and we were simply delighted with the outpour of thoughtful entries. Paper Mart customers responded with an overwhelming show of love and affection for their moms! The entrants shared incredibly moving and deeply felt responses to our question. It was difficult to choose from all the entries we reviewed, but the winner stood out with a truly unique expression of love.

Melanie Saucier Tompkins wrote, “Mom is not only my best friend, she is my partner in our convections business. We lost dad in November and she hasn’t failed to make herself available for even a second. We moved business operations to her kitchen and she’s never made me feel like I was infringing on her space. She is truly selfless.”

Melanie and her mother will each receive a prize from Paper Mart, helping them continue to use their love as inspiration for great projects and crafts. We couldn’t be more pleased to help these wonderful winners celebrate their relationship!

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Heart-Warming Entries

All the shared stories were beautiful with their warmth, their individuality, and for the way they captured the true spirit of Mother’s Day. Here are a few more lovely entries:

  • “She supports me in all of my dreams and goals.”
  • “My kids are my world and I enjoy every second with them, and we love crafting together! They keep my imagination alive! ❤”
  • “My mom is kind, sweet, generous, empathetic, compassionate, loving, smart, beautiful inside and out, has a great sense of humor, and always has a smile on her face. Most of all, she is my best friend!”
  • “She is always there for me, no matter what crazy ideas I have! She is always there. She shows up even when no one else does!”
  • “My Mom is fantastic! I grew up knowing I could ask her any question, ask her for help and she’d be there and always knew she loved me. She’s my Mom and one of my best friends.”

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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