A Peek Behind The Scenes: The New Paper Mart Website

We’re so excited to provide a peek into our website and a few new, customer-focused shopping features that we’ve implemented. Check them out!



An Upgrade To The Paper Mart Customer Experience

From making sure the hard-to-find items you need are available to offering stellar customer care Monday-Friday. We’re proud to say that every day, we work hard to ensure an outstanding customer experience.

Here, we’ve taken the typical Paper Mart experience to a new level and upgraded with features like intuitive search, a simpler account dashboard, and an easy, one-page checkout process.  


Smart Shopping With Simple Drop Down Menus, & More


Intuitive Search


To make sure you’re finding the perfect product for you and your business quickly, we’ve developed an intuitive search program that offers filters.

Now, you can search for items quickly by identifying product characteristics like material, pattern, and color.

Fun Search Tip: We keep a large variety of product options in stock at all times. When you’re searching for something, feel free to fine-tune your search by exploring all available options. From material, pattern, and color, to occasion, and use!


Simple Drop Down Menus


To refine your shopping experience even further, each of our product pages got a little bit of an upgrade. We’re excited to offer an easier to read and visualize product page, complete with simple drop-down menus.

These menus offer the opportunity to see what you’re ordering and what is available, quickly and easily.

Drop Down Menu Trick: If you’re looking for a certain size or color, use the drop-down menus to select what you need. If you feel like you want to start over, hit the Clear All Filters option.


The Freedom To View All Products


For the full picture of what you are able to shop, we’re also happy to offer the option to View All Products. This allows you to quickly input the number of items you need in a simple list format.

View All Products Perk: If you were looking to purchase a wide variety of a single item (such as different colors and sizes of paper bags) the View All Products option will be your favorite tool.


The Option To Save For Later


If you like to save items for later consideration, we’ve created this simple “Save for Later” option. This encourages a pressure-free shopping process, so when you’re ready, your items will be waiting for you.

To easily save an item for later, just select the product you want to order and click the Save For Later option.

How We Like To Save For Later: When we’re shopping for items in bulk, we want to make sure our order is perfect. So, we utilize the Save For Later button to compile what we want before checking out.


Streamlined Order Management With A New Account Dashboard

For an efficient way to reorder items, view past invoices, and update your payment information, we’ve redesigned your Account Dashboard a little! Now, when you sign in, you’re able to find everything on a single, easy-to-navigate My Account page.

Why We Love The New Dashboard: This is one of our favorite upgrades because the overall look is clean and streamlined. In a single area, we have the ability to efficiently manage our orders and account information easily.


Streamlined One Page Checkout


With everything in a single area, the checkout process has never been easier. Shop your saved items easily, view your cart summary, estimate your shipping price, and view potential bulk deals.

You and your experience are the priority. What are you going to shop for this season? Let us know! Did you love taking a peek at our new website? Want to stay up to date with us? Stay tuned to our blog for more Paper Mart news, DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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