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As the EU Proposes a Ban on Plastic Straws, Paper Mart Offers an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Paper straws offer a stylish, sustainable substitute for plastic straws, which may soon be banned in the EU and elsewhere.

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On May 28, as Americans celebrated Memorial Day by sipping on lemonade and iced coffee, the European Union took a significant step toward eliminating plastic straws from the daily life of its citizens. In the interest of cutting down on environmentally harmful plastic litter clogging beaches, oceans, and wildlife habitats around the world, the EU has proposed a ban on plastic straws and similar products.

Luckily, the EU’s pending ban on plastic straws doesn’t leave small business owners without recourse. Whether companies are strictly looking to comply with regulations or are willing to invest in broader eco-friendly practices, sustainable products are available for a wide variety of business needs.


The Details of the Proposal

According to EU Vice President Frans Timmermans, the proposal will reduce marine litter of the ten most commonly used products by half, preventing an estimated $250 billion in environmental damage over a twelve-year period. Although the proposal must be assessed by both the EU Parliament and member states before it can go into effect, Timmermans hopes to begin seeing results by this time next year.

Consumer and environmental groups have heaped praise on the proposal, which many see as the first step in a larger movement to phase out single-use plastic products around the world. A number of cities in California have already banned plastic straws, and a bill to do the same has been introduced to the New York City Council, where it is likely to pass.


Businesses Respond

Many large franchises, rather than opting to wait and see if the EU proposal will take effect, are taking preemptive action to implement plastic straw alternatives. McDonald’s has already begun using paper straws in its UK locations; Alaskan Airlines has announced its own plastic straw ban after outreach from a convincing Girl Scout; and Royal Caribbean has pledged to eliminate plastic straws from its cruise ships by the end of 2018. As businesses large and small follow suit, they’re finding that paper straws make a sustainable, affordable, and ready-to-ship alternative.


A Stylish and Environmentally-Friendly Choice

For companies that are specifically looking for alternatives to plastic straws, we have just the thing.

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, Paper Mart’s paper straws provide a pop of color that’s perfect for both special occasions and everyday use. Available in chevron, polka dots, and stripes, they add a festive touch to any beverage without the negative environmental impact of plastic straws. From weddings and birthdays to holiday events and office functions, partygoers and small business owners alike can enjoy sustainability in style.

While using paper straws for your business is a wise move when it comes to compliance with widening bans, it’s also a valuable way to attract consumers who seek out brands with a purpose. Indeed, research shows that 66% of consumers are willing to spend more with businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. With paper straws in your portfolio, you’ll be obeying the law, respecting the environment, and earning customer loyalty at the same time.


  1. Carmen Villarreal July 6, 2019

    I’ve been searching for paper straws never dreamed you would have them I’m so thankful keep up the good work

  2. Mohammad Baig July 18, 2018

    The first priority is the saving of the environment and if you are practicing the rules of business you are really great and the member of the world community loving the environment saved.

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