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President Buffy Simoni Featured on POPSUGAR: Powerful Women in the Workplace

International Women’s Day is here! And we are honored to be celebrating with a feature from POPSUGAR. Our president, Buffy Simoni, is featured in their article “14 Powerful Women Weigh In on How to Level the Playing Field at Work.” This article quotes 14 inspiring and powerful high-level leaders in the workplace who believe there is room for positive change in the workplace.

Leveling The Playing Field: Women in the Workplace

Within this piece, Buffy details her experiences as a female executive and the hurdles she has continually faced within the workplace. Sadly, with all the triumph and success, there’s still a battle for respect and equality to be fought. 

“Sadly, I think women are still not consistently treated equally as leaders in the business world. The number of female CEOs has increased significantly in my lifetime, and more women are at the highest level of their industries. The dynamic has improved exponentially. The respect issue should be in the past. But I could list many situations when, after having introduced myself, a new potential supplier or business partner will primarily direct conversations to the men in the room, rather than me. It’s amazing that there are still professionals out there who respond like that, consciously or not.”
Buffy Simoni, President of Paper Mart

Buffy’s testimonial is time-relevant and meaningful. It is inspiring and motivating to hear these experiences and work towards a positive change. We are hopeful that Buffy’s testimonial, as well as the experiences of others, will be shared and considered. 

Thank you to POPSUGAR for this feature and spreading word for women in the workplace! The more voices heard, the less that go unnoticed. 

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