Our Small Business Week Contest Winner

At Paper Mart, we wish you a happy National Small Business Week! To support our small business customers, we ran a contest where entrants had the chance to win a $100 Paper Mart gift card and have their business featured on our blog. After poring over many amazing stories, we’re proud to introduce the winner: Pearle Northrop and her business, Pearle’s Pretty Pieces!

pearle's pretty pieces - owl

Pearle’s Pretty Pieces

Pearle’s Pretty Pieces offers incredible handpainted home decor gifts and ornaments through her Etsy shop.

Pearle started her small business with handpainted terracotta pots and restored furniture, but her growing passion has expanded into a collection featuring children’s toys, jewelry boxes, kitchenware, and more.

While she enjoys painting on canvas, Pearle loves breathing new life into discarded household items and home decor goods by “Pearle-izing” them with geometric and colorful patterns. Her philosophy is that in a world that moves from one trend to another, she wants to renew a sense of use into old things and bring out their beauty.

Why She Loves Paper Mart

Pearle has been a dedicated Paper Mart customer since 2011. When she first started selling Christmas ornaments on Etsy, she realized that her popular store demanded more than she can provide. After speaking with other Etsy shop owners, she was directed to Paper Mart, where she was able to get bulk goods with an assurance in speed, quality, and variety.

pearle's pretty pieces - skull soap dispenserNow, Pearle recommends Paper Mart to other artists and insists that our selection of gift boxes, gift bags, and tissue paper is incomparable to other stores!

Gift Boxes, Gift Bags, and Tissue Paper

Pearle uses Paper Mart products to protect her exquisite handpainted pieces. Our small decorative gift boxes are perfectly suited for ready-made packaging for her ornaments and home decor merchandise. Her customers always comment on the beauty and durability of her packaging.

Pearle also uses Paper Mart products when participating in markets and art fairs, like the New England Open Market at the Ink Block in Boston. Her customers get a kick out of her art and small decorative gift boxes! For more information about Pearle’s Pretty Pieces, visit her Facebook.

Paper Mart’s Successpearle's pretty pieces - ornaments

According to Pearle, she has never experienced any problems with Paper Mart’s products, shipping, or customer service. While she buys all of her packaging and paper supplies from Paper Mart, she still supports local small businesses for art supplies.

Pearle is a firm believer in the quality of Paper Mart products. After investing hours painting her pieces, she feels confident wrapping them in Paper Mart packaging and sending them off to eager customers. Pearle is also a frequent visitor to the Paper Mart Facebook and blog!

Many Thanks to our Loyal Customers

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to loyal customers such as Pearle Northrop. At Paper Mart, we are constantly striving to reward our customers in unique ways. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Small Business Week contest!

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