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5 Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers This Valentine’s Day

You spend hours creating beautiful, handmade jewelry. Package your products with the same attention to detail.

Jewelry is a deeply personal purchase. It reflects the wearer’s taste, style, and personality — which is part of what makes it such a popular gift for Valentine’s Day.




For Etsy sellers, this holiday is a major opportunity to showcase your handmade wares and make a lasting impression among your customers. So, when you’re shipping gorgeous pieces that you’ve spent hours creating, take some time to make the packaging just as special as the product.

If you’re an Etsy seller who will be shipping jewelry this Valentine’s Day, follow these guidelines to ensure that your orders are delivered safely (and with a bit of flair!).


1) Choose Packaging that Boosts Your Branding

From fabric bags to boxes and bows, there are hundreds of ways to package your one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Consider the nature of your product and the style of jewelry you create. What can you do to heighten the unwrapping experience?

Seek out packaging that mirrors the style of each piece. Maybe your funky taste calls for wrapping paper with a punch. Or, alternatively, try personalizing your boxes with customized-printed logos. Get creative and have as much fun with the wrapping as you did crafting the jewelry. When your customers unwrap their purchases, the extra care you’ve given to the presentation will show!


Etsy2) Factor the Cost of Packaging into Your Bottom Line

When it’s time to select your packaging and finalize your shipping methods, tally up the costs and factor those expenses into the final sale. Aim for durable, attractive materials that don’t break the bank — acid-free tissue paper and cotton jewelry padding can add the feel of luxury without the hefty price tag.


3) Avoid Broadcasting Value In Transit

Receipts and tracking numbers help keep track of jewelry in transit, allowing you to update your customers on the progress of their order. For added security, avoid including “jewelry” or similar words that demonstrate value on the outer mailing label, shipping box, or envelope. This will help protect your package from theft along the shipping route.



4) Encourage Repeat Sales

Slip in a business card, promotional offer, or even “thank you” swag to your packaging, or consider tucking the jewelry into a muslin pouch that your customers can reuse. Attractive, reusable packaging goes a long way toward making an impression on your customers and increases the likelihood that they visit your Etsy shop for future purchases.


5) Follow Etsy’s Seller Guidelines

Etsy offers a wealth of information on the nuts and bolts of shipping your products. They share guidelines on shipping labels, rates, processing times, and the website’s seller protection policy. Read through their general guidelines before making your first jewelry shipment to avoid common mistakes that might delay your shipment.

Take these packaging ideas, add your own flair, and deliver your Valentine’s Day jewelry order with a customized, endearing touch. Your customers will love it!

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