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Wrap Up Some Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show just how much you love to share the love. Whether you’re a small business owner or a dedicated hobbyist, your creative ventures should always have free reign. The right packaging and supplies will make all the difference as you create stunning floral arrangements, wrap up decadent homemade cookies or chocolates, or design unique, custom-order gift sets.

Red wrapping paper with white polka dots


Creativity Rules

One of my earliest Valentine’s Day memories is a pretty bookmark I designed, along with the packaging I wrapped it in. The bookmark, complete with its own homemade tassel, was decorated with colored hearts and little animals, and the message was filled with innocence: “Do you love me, Mommy? Check yes or no.” For the packaging, I whipped out the craft paper and a few potatoes, and I cut my own potato designs, dipping them in paint for instant color. I had a lot of fun, and my gift came straight from the heart. More than 25 years later, my mom still has that bookmark in her nightstand drawer.


The Personalized Touch

If you’re like me, you’ll want to let your creativity shine through in all your projects, big or small. Should you ever run out of supplies (oh, the horror!), you’ll find just what you need at Paper Mart. With more than 95 years behind them, this family-owned business is dedicated to all of your business, decorative and crafting needs. Florist shop? Start-up bakery? Small catering business? Check, check and check. Here are just a few of the options you’ll find, suitable to everyone from stay-at-home mom to star baker to event planner:

Creative Options for You

Square Foil Candy Wrappers
Printed Cello Rolls
Tin Tie and Coffee Bags
Damask Print Sheer Bags
Bakery Parchment
Chalk Ink Markers
Floral Stem Tape
Woven Baskets and Trays
Film Sealers and Shrinkers
Cushioning Products

Can you envision the final products ready for Valentine’s Day smiles? I know I can!


Packaging With Heart

Nothing could be more memorable than a carefully thought-out gift, but the packaging is just as important. My bookmark gift was designed with love, but my potato-art paper completed the look. I was proud to receive the Mommy Seal of Approval.

Consider your delicious batch of heart-shaped shortbread cookies: a plain tie bag would work, but it doesn’t show much thought. Why not place them in a 5-pc Set of Heart Bentwood Boxes? You can line the boxes with food liners, such as these Dot Printed Basket Liner Food Wraps, and then place your delicious treats inside.

You could also slip pastry treats into these Chalkboard Tin Tie Coffee Bags and decorate the outside with Chalk Ink Markers. The message is up to you!

What about your cafe’s table decor? If you run a small bakery cafe, your customers deserve some appreciation as well. Serve freshly baked bread in Heart-Shaped Bamboo Baskets, and tie your salt and pepper shakers with Pattern Washi Tape. You can even create centerpieces with Flat Glass Marbles and these Metal Heart-Shape Window Tin Cans.

Finally, you can also custom-design your business’s packaging, for the season of love and beyond. From bags to boxes, your business will happily proclaim that love is here to stay.

Whether you’re telling your mom just how much you care (I love you, Mom!) or designing Valentine’s Day gifts for purchase in your shop, you’ll never go wrong when creativity takes the reins.

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