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5 Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers

Are you an Etsy seller? We’re here to help with all of your branding and packaging needs.



Etsy has grown into a beloved online marketplace because of its wide selection of one-of-a-kind, personalized items, and gifts. Whether you’re buying a crocheted hanging planter or a monogrammed, custom-made dog bowl, it’s clear that a lot of love and effort goes into every handcrafted product. At the end of the day, however, it’s not only about what customers buy, but how they receive their purchases.

Branding and packaging are essential to the e-commerce process, not only because they ensure that items make it safely to their final destination, but because they enhance the overall customer experience — and happier customers mean better reviews and greater visibility for your business on Etsy.

With this in mind, check out our five ideas to up the ante on your Etsy product packaging — and deliver a gift that your customers will look forward to unboxing.


1) Key Into Your Branding

No matter what your business does, your brand’s name and logo should encapsulate what you sell, why you sell it, and how it will enhance your customers’ lives. Furthermore, your packaging should help get all of this across.

When packaging a product, consider color schemes that match your logo. Colored tissue paper paired with matching decorative tape are an excellent way to create a branded accent. By opting for packaging that’s consistent with your online brand identity, you can create a seamless experience for customers — from perusing to unpackaging. Customers may enjoy the experience so much that they order again or recommend your Etsy shop to friends.


2) Customization is Key

Go above and beyond color coordination by creating custom labels that feature your logo. With a variety of custom label options, Paper Mart can lend your packages the benefit of instant brand recognition. Consult with our design team to craft custom shipping solutions that process in just five business days.


3) Focus on Presentation

It’s often the small, special touches that really make an impression on customers. Consider incorporating ribbons, tissue paper, hanging tags, and other embellishments to your packaging to add that extra “Wow!” factor. Or, you could even include a branded gift with your shipment, such as stickers or a tote bag. These affordable accents can transform a customer experience from generally positive to absolutely effusive, bringing you one step closer to earning long-term patrons for your business. Plus, the more attractive your packaging, the more likely it is to end up on Instagram!


4) Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Manufactured from recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging products make for cheap and reusable shipping solutions. Your customers will especially appreciate environmentally-friendly packaging that can be easily disposed of and minimizes their carbon footprint.

With plenty of high-quality, low-cost options for eco-friendly boxes — whether for standard shipping or specially designed gift boxes — Paper Mart has your environmentally-conscious packaging needs covered.


5) Pack It Safely and Securely

Your careful branding and packaging will have been for naught if an item arrives at its final destination damaged. That’s why it’s essential to use high-quality shipping supplies, especially if you’re sending fragile products. With heavy duty corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, and other cushioning products, you can ensure that your customers’ purchases arrive in pristine condition. Just don’t forget the packing tape!

Be sure to check out all of Paper Mart’s packaging and shipping supplies to help build your unique branded Etsy experience.

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