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Paper Mart’s Guide to Mailing Envelopes for Ecommerce Retailers

Push the envelope on your packaging strategy with this handy guide to Paper Mart’s collection of top-quality mailing products.

When you encounter the rare opportunity to give customers a glimpse of your brand’s personality — seize it! Packaging is a great place to start for an online retailer. After all, research shows that online sellers who prioritize well-designed packaging are more likely to create lasting impressions that can boost customer loyalty.

Ecommerce packaging isn’t just about boxes, however. For retailers shipping smaller products, such as books or jewelry, mailing envelopes can get the job done just as reliably and at a more competitive price for you and your customers. If you’re looking to incorporate mailing envelopes into your shipping strategy, consider Paper Mart’s variety of high-quality options for your business.

1. White Tear-Proof Polyolefin Mailing Envelopes

Paper envelopes are an old standby, but some are easily torn and vulnerable to moisture. To protect against water damage and other wear and tear, try tear-proof mailing envelopes. Made of lightweight, tear-proof plastic with high-strength seams that allow for overstuffing, these envelopes are ideal for shipping soft goods. Plus, with a white matte coating that can be stamped, printed, or labelled, these envelopes give you the opportunity to display your branding front and center.

2. Air Bubble Mailers

Fragile items call for the most dependable kind of packaging. With these air bubble mailers, you can confidently ship customers their orders knowing that they’ll arrive in one piece. Thanks to a tough air bubble lining and Kraft paper exterior, these mailers are durable enough to protect your items without adding unnecessary weight to your shipping costs.

3. Colored Metallic CD, DVD & Folder Bubble Mailing Envelopes

With these sturdy, waterproof metallic mailing envelopes, you’ll be able to ship customers rare CDs and cult classics on DVD without having to worry about your fragile items bending or breaking. Plus, these envelopes come in a metallic finish in a variety of flashy colors so that you can match them with album artwork and movie covers, helping your customers get that much more excited to receive their purchases.

4. White Plastic Bubble Mailing Envelopes

Paper Mart’s plastic bubble mailing envelopes are water-resistant, tear-proof, and feature an extra smooth surface that’s perfect for writing on. With a 3/16″ bubble lining that offers superior protection in a lightweight package, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of bubble wrapped packaging in the sleek design of a mailing envelope.

5. Self-Seal Non-Bendable Envelopes

Constructed from tough cardboard, these self-seal non-bendable envelopes are no joke. Their “stayflat” design means that they’re ideal for sending photos, documents, and valuables — your sensitive items will arrive in mint condition, without any bends or creases to worry about.

6. Unpadded Mailers

Is your company committed to environmental sustainability? Stay on-brand with these unpadded mailers made from 90% recycled material. After all, packaging is a great way to showcase your eco-friendly mission.

7. Colored Tear-Proof Mailing Envelopes

Lightweight, water-resistant, and with high-strength seams to protect products large and small, Paper Mart’s colored tear-proof mailing envelopes offer plenty of protection without adding extra weight to your packaging. With a wide range of fun finishes available, you’re sure to deliver a colorful, crowd-pleasing unwrapping experience to your customers.

8. Clear Tear-Proof Polyolefin Mailing Envelopes

Clear mailing envelopes are a fun, unconventional way to send customers their purchases. Whether you’re shipping vintage t-shirts or collector’s edition patches, these envelopes put the product front and center. And while it may look like there’s nothing there, there certainly is; the plastic material is heavy-duty even while being lightweight.

9. Padded Paper Mailers

For your eco-minded customers, try Paper Mart’s padded paper mailers. They boast the protection of a bubble mailer with an eco-friendly construction made from 77% recycled paper fibers and 62% post-consumer material. These mailers are extra strong and feature a self-sealing adhesive strip, which eliminates the need for tape, staples, and extra labor.

10. Tyvek® Envelopes

When protection against the elements is at the top of your list, Tyvek® envelopes should be your first choice. Waterproof and four times as strong as Kraft paper, these envelopes are durable enough to withstand wind, rain, sleet, and hail and still keep their contents safe and sound.

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