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3 Things You Should Know About Paper Bags

We’re always on the lookout for new paper bag styles and features. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes regarding what we (and you!) are looking for when we add to our Paper Bag Collection.

paper bags

FYI: Looking for a bag that can fit a specific item? Don’t forget to measure it! Here’s our easy-to-follow Guide To Measuring A Box Or Bag

First, Not All Handles Are Created Equal

One of the nuances that can make a paper bag unique is its handle. While we’re looking for the perfect shopper, we consider retail, gift, or grocery needs. Here are a few popular handle styles for each need.

Popular Handle Styles

A Classic Twist Handle | Twist handle bags are beloved because of their plain and simple appearance.

Retail Ready Ribbon | Paper bags with ribbon handles are popular for specialty shops or gift giving. 

Modern Die Cut | Die-cut handles are unique because they are part of the overall bag construction. They’re stylish, sleek, and easy to store.

Second, Busting The Weak Bottom Myth

Quality construction is a huge priority when looking for any bag. We source bags that are made of durable kraft paper and designed with a simple, yet effective envelope-style construction. Kraft paper is thick, reliable, and great for holding heavy items.

Ultra Strong Paper Bags

Third, To Gusset Or Not To Gusset

It’s a personal choice, we understand. That’s why we look for both, bags with or without gusset features! Gusset bottoms and sides are great because their unique folded design allows you to have more storage space when you need it. Bags with closed, pinched bottom sides are great for items that require a more compact, tighter fit.

Our Favorite Gusset Bags

We Love These Pinch Bottom Bags

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