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Read This Meow: The Paper Mart Cat

Our #1 packaging supplies fan? It’s the Paper Mart cat (of course!). Read on for her purr-fect little story and more!


A Little Bit About The Paper Mart Cat

At first glance, our 10-1/2 acre facility can be intimidating. It’s full of rows upon rows of boxes, bags, ribbon, and more. To most, it’s the ultimate source for packaging materials. To this little ginger tabby kitten, it was home!


Found by a few team members, the 2-week old Paper Mart Cat had made her home among the corrugated cardboard. A little shy at first, she was coerced out of her hiding spot, given a bath, some food, and a lot of love. Since then, she’s moved out of her little hiding spot and into the home of a loving family.

3 Things To Know About The Paper Mart Cat

You wouldn’t think we’d let the little kitten go without a few parting gifts, did you? We’re happy to say that the Paper Mart Cat is true to her namesake. She is very fond of our collection of cardboard and natural packaging supplies. Here are a few of her kitten-friendly favorites!


First, She Loves Sisal Twine

It’s no surprise, tiny kitten claws and teeth love the feeling of rough and tough textures. Little toys and tall cat scratchers made from sisal twine is the perfect solution to help keep the Paper Mart cat happy.

Second, There’s No Place Quite Like A Corrugated Cardboard Box

If it fits, she sits. As she’s grown, the Paper Mart Cat has gotten to know the many different types of corrugated boxes we carry. Her favorite so far? She loves nestling herself into a simple, 1-Bottle Wine Box.

FYI: Interested in learning the differences between a few of our cardboard boxes? Check out our “What is the Difference Between 32 ECT and 200# Test Boxes?” post here!


Third, Ribbons Are Fun To Play With

She’s still learning how to hone her chasing and hunting instincts. So, she loves things like ribbon and cords. The perfect DIY cat toys are a colorful fabric ribbon wand and mini ribbon hanging mobile.


  1. Karen Neat December 19, 2019

    Love a place that takes on pets. Soothing. And shows humanity. Thank you. Love the stories!!

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