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Simple & Easy Packaging Tips

With the massive amount of packaging options, the idea of simple can seem like a luxury that is hard to achieve. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you take a step back, assess, and let your brand speak for itself. Here are a few easy ways to package beautifully and simply.


Think Big Picture: Consider Your Overall Package

When you’re looking to make simplicity the focus of your packaging, it’s easy to get bogged down by the details. Take a step back and consider the elements of your packaging styles that will make an overall impact, size, shape, and usability.

Simple Box Styles

Easy To Use Mailers

If you’re sending your product through the mail, prioritize strength and durability. Look for packaging that is strong enough to protect your items during transport, has a flat surface wide enough for a shipping label, and easy enough for you to seal (and for customers to open!).

Gift Boxes

If the unboxing experience of your items is a priority, consider a beautiful gift box. Look for a box that invites interaction and can build anticipation. Two piece gift boxes, metal containers with a hinge, or even a clear surface can help make your product special.

Focus On Design Elements: Colors, Textures, Finishes

Once you’ve determined your general container, think about the types of design elements that will set your brand and products apart. When used appropriately, the right colors, textures, and finish can help reinforce your brand story beautifully and simply.

Colorful Packaging

Interesting Textures & Finishes

Use Details To Accent: The Importance Of Trim, Labels, & More

Finally, personalize with the details. Accent simply with a beautiful ribbon or custom label. The presence of a small and simple finishing touch can really pull a package together and create a beautiful look.

FYI: For more on How Customization and Personalization Became a Key Retail Trend check out our blog post about it here.

Easy Ways To Personalize Your Package

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