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Our Latest Magazine Feature & The Round Trip Raffia Bag

Summer is about wanderlust. From an intimate staycation to a spontaneous trip overseas – the season is all about adventure and travel. Which is why we’re excited to share this latest feature from craft publication, I Like Crochet Magazine from crochet expert and designer, Debra Arch.


Trendy Raffia Textures

When we’re in vacation mode, all we want are easy statement pieces made of cooling, breathable materials. Textures that let us kick off our shoes, stretch out on the beach, and sip on a cooling iced beverage. Natural raffia is the perfect compliment to this fantasy.

A Little Bit About Raffia

We love raffia because it’s a natural fiber known for its strength and flexibility. Raffia is made from the branches of the raffia palm, which only grows in Madagascar. It is smooth to the touch and lightweight – perfect for summery crafts or accessories.


It’s easy to see how the breezy straw textures of the season inspired Debra to design this stunning statement purse. By combining intricate crochet techniques and details, Debra uses natural raffia ribbon to create her bag. Learn how to make it here!

FYI: We curate a raffia ribbon selection that comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Other natural fabrics to consider include light and breathable linen, cotton, and soft, pliable paper. Shop our selection of ribbons & bows to get creating today!

raffiaCraft Publications & Paper Mart

As a supporter of creatives of all levels, we’re beyond excited to support craft publications and designers like Debra with beautiful, quality products. 

What does your upcoming DIY season look like? How are you going to style your next project? With our large supply of craft supplies and more, we’re looking forward to supporting your creations and more. Stay tuned to our blog for DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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