5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas and How to Package Them

For e-commerce retailers catering to Father’s Day gift givers, make sure your packaging helps customers show their dads how much they care.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas and How to Package Them


This Father’s Day, sons and daughters everywhere are going to be on the hunt for personal, creative presents that the paternal role models in their lives will love. Whether your online store sells creative mugs or luxury spa products for men, it’s up to you to package your items with a flourish that customers know will impress their dads.

To provide the best unboxing experience possible, you may want to consider new and exciting ways to promote your inventory. Check out these tips and tricks for wrapping memorable Father’s Day gifts.


Funny Mugs and Glasses

Mugs and glasses with funny slogans are popular for a reason: they provide Dad with something he’ll use regularly and provide a few laughs along the way. The lucky recipient will get the biggest kick out of his gift when he first lays eyes on it, so why not give your customers the opportunity to play up the reveal?

With a peekaboo box, you can do just that. These charming boxes open with a flourish and come in a variety of colors. Accent them with a classic plaid ribbon, and you’ll be shipping customers the complete Father’s Day package.


Soaps and Shower Products

With themed soaps and shower products, your customers can give their fathers a functional item with a fun, masculine twist. Retailers can complement this aesthetic with tuck top gift boxes covered in wood grain wrapping paper. Whether the soap is carved into a particular shape or simply marketed as a masculine scent, this box and paper combination can help give your product a rugged, outdoor feel.



A watch is a gift with longevity and class — especially considering all the interesting designs and customization options that Etsy sellers can offer. For customers who are gifting their dads a watch this Father’s Day, elegant packaging that underscores the functionality and taste of their gift is a must. Nestle the watch in a matte black wooden box with shredded tissue paper to make sure that your product arrives safely and stylishly.



If there’s a tried-and-true Father’s Day gift, it’s the classic necktie. Whether you sell ties with intricate illustrations or lean towards a more traditional color scheme, consider packaging them in a hinged top box of pine — perhaps painted in a color that complements the tie. Add a swanky chalkboard style tag for a fresh take on a classic Father’s Day gift.


Grilling Tools

From fun aprons to barbeque rubs, there is a host of quality grilling products customers might be considering for Father’s Day. Make yours stand out from the pack by offering packaging that dads will love. With themed wrapping paper and complementary ribbon, you can give customers the chance to order a product and packaging with a personal feel.


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