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Take a Craftcation: Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

With just a few basic craft supplies and materials, your children will never get bored or tired of experimenting with new projects and building new skills that will unleash their inner artist. Paper Mart offers a broad selection of arts and craft materials for everything from unfinished wood boxes to cloth bags for every budget and skill level. Here are a few project ideas for children of all ages, interests and skill levels.

scissors, glue, boxes, and red, white, and blue ribbon

5 Summer Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

Summer holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day provide perfect themes for DIY decorations and party favors.

1. Patriotic Button Flag or Tote

Nothing says summer or Fourth of July like the American flag! Making a DIY tote bag is fairly simple, and the actual pattern and design can be as traditional or avant garde as the crafter’s imagination! Create cool patriotic flags or tote bags by gathering red, white and blue buttons along with one of the following supplies:

Then use this tutorial as a guide and sew or glue the buttons to your fabric or chosen bag. Once the bags have been completed, they can be used to carry books, toys or beach towels. Another option can be to stuff them with gift shred and basket fill or fabric flower petals to use as either a gift or favor bag.

2. Fourth of July DIY Fairy Lights

This project can light up any room, as well as the backyard or porch on warm summer evenings or party. A simple and easy project for children (and adults) of all ages, DIY lanterns are a great July 4th or Labor Day project, but they can also be customized for any theme or occasion! Start with a few wide-mouth mason jars and LED lights. Finally, the jars can be decorated with store-bought plastic American flags. Stars and Stripes Patriotic Ribbon or Cotton American Flag ribbon to wrap around the jars or tie a bow at the top can be an option as well.

3. Fringe Ribbon American Flag

If woodworking is not your style, you can easily substitute wood with a piece of cardboard and draped it with Premium Blue Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper. Want to make it extra fancy? Opt for a horizontal arrangement of Grass Spray with Stars in Royal.

Possible options for the fringe:

4. Paper Bag Jellyfish

In addition to storing candy and other goodies, paper bags also make a perfect canvas for the budding Picassos or Jackson Pollocks of the world! Try this craft with either Kraft Grocery Bags or White Grocery Bags.

5. Design Your Own Craft Projects

Guided arts and crafts projects can also be a wonderful way to express creativity and dive into the wonderful world of handmade decorations and DIY art. Yet, some of the best art projects and ideas can also come from the proverbial blank canvas.

Personal craft kit basics:

Furthermore, for stress-free and budget-friendly crafting, create personalized arts or crafts kit and let your imagination do the rest!

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