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DIY Rustic Backyard Party

An outdoor party or picnic is the perfect way to gather all your favorite people together to enjoy a little fresh air and fun, and hosting a backyard bonanza is a great way to celebrate the season. Whether you’re planning on a party to celebrate a birthday, graduation or one of the big three summer holidays — Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day — a backyard party is a casual way to make the most of a beautiful day.

DIY Rustic Backyard Party

Best of all, it doesn’t take much to turn your backyard into a special place with a few decorative touches. Rustic decor is easy to DIY, and you can create a wonderful atmosphere even if you’re on a budget. Try these ideas for an inexpensive way to turn your patio or garden into a memorable oasis for your next event.

For the Small Patio

If you live in an apartment or condo with just a small patio to call your own, you can still make it sparkle. Your table will be the focal point, so cover it in burlap fabric for a rustic look. You can also unify mismatched chairs with burlap chair sashes to tie the whole look together. Finish with a lace runner and Mason jar candles for a shabby-chic look that’s perfect for a summery cookout or cocktail DIY backyard party.

For the Medium Deck

The railing of your deck is the perfect place to add interest and frame your view of your outdoor backyard party. Use jute tassels to tie greenery or sprays of wildflowers to your railing for a simple country look. If you’re planning to party into the nighttime, you can wrap your railing with LED light garlands instead. These also look great stuffed into glass jars to create table lamps when the sun goes down.

For the Expansive Lawn

If you’re blessed with a large backyard, make the most of it! Divide the area into different stations to keep guests busy and happy. You’ll need a table for food and drinks, of course, but think outside the box to include a game table or a craft station for kids where they can make crepe paper flowers or paint bentwood boxes for a useful party favor. Unify the stations with similar centerpieces. Flowers in matching vases finished with mini gingham ribbon work well in an outdoor setting.

For the Garden Paths

Guide your guests to the party by lining your pathways with something special. In the daytime, kids will love a path with balloon bouquets every few feet to lead the way to the fun. You can also decorate with simple plants in terracotta pots. Tie these with a simple bow of jute ribbon to make it even more festive. If you’re planning to party into the night, make easy luminaries by weighting the bottom of a white paper bag with sand and adding a tea light for a soft glow.

No matter what the occasion, any backyard will benefit from a few craft projects to add a touch of whimsy to your party decor. With a few simple supplies like rustic jute ribbon or basic linen and lace, you can make your next backyard party one to remember. Paper Mart has everything you need for your rustic crafts — just add your own creativity to get the party started!

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