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Sweet Mother’s Day Ideas for Brunch at Home

May is here, and that means that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a classic Sunday brunch. If your favorite local restaurant is already booked, consider hosting the meal at home instead. Below are just some Mother’s Day ideas to make your stay at home day special. With a little time and effort spent on crafting memorable decorations, your table will be fit for a queen — which is exactly how Mom deserves to be treated!

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day Ideas: Say It With Flowers

A beautiful floral arrangement is a quintessential centerpiece for any Mother’s Day table. You can order an arrangement from the florist, of course, but it’s also nice to cut fresh flowers from your own yard, which saves money and allows for more creativity. Either way, you can upgrade from a plain vase to a painted Mason jar or lovely basket tied with patterned grosgrain ribbon in mom’s favorite colors. Use leftover ribbon to tie around linen napkins for an easy napkin ring. Tuck an extra bloom inside and place on the plate for a touch of elegance.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a green thumb, try making a bouquet of crepe paper flowers instead. You can use them the same way as you would real flowers, but without the worry of them wilting before Mom gets to the table.

Create a Seat of Honor

You can dedicate a seat for mom at the head of the table and make it stand out by adding fun decor. Create a colorful balloon bouquet with a mass of helium balloons in her favorite colors. Use coordinating curling ribbon to tie the balloons to the back of her chair. For a finishing touch, trace the letters to spell “MOM” onto cardstock and cut out; punch holes through each and thread with additional ribbon to hang from three of the balloons.

Pro Tip: This is a fun project for kids, but if typing the letters is too tricky for small hands, feel free to use clear tape instead.

Do Your Mother a Favor

For even more panache at your brunch table, don’t forget to create a favor for each guest to take home. Fill a sheer organza bag with assorted nuts or candies and use the attached drawstring to close it. For a sweet finishing touch, wrap small flower embellishments with wire ties around the closure to add a miniature bouquet to your favor. Make one for every guest, and have a few extras on hand to use as prizes for a trivia game about Mom between brunch and dessert.

Pro Tip: Candy isn’t the only favor you can use to fill your bags. If you’re really crafty, you might also consider making a beaded bracelet for each of your female guests. You can also give away gift cards, wildflower seeds, sachets, or small scented candles instead.

When you’re ready to plan a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch, count on Paper Mart to have everything you need to set a gorgeous table for your guests. From traditional party supplies like balloons and tableware to a full array of floral and craft materials, you’ll find everything you need to spark your creativity for these Mother’s Day ideas. Order what you need and get ready to knock Mom’s socks off!

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