Make Mom Feel Special With a Homemade Mother’s Day Gift

Whether you are 10 years old or 40, Mother’s Day provides a special opportunity to show mom a little love and gratitude on a day focused on celebrating and highlighting all the hard work that she performs on a daily basis. While all gifts are special, a crafty, homemade Mother’s Day gift is a great way to make something unique, sustainable and lasting. With no shortage of tutorials and inspiration across the web (and nature), Paper Mart has a range of crafting and gift making supplies for every project and budget. Or maybe you’ve already bought her that piece of jewelry or item of clothing that she’s had her eye on. Customized packaging and gift boxes adorned with a few embellishments like decorative washi tape or wrapping paper can deliver the best of both worlds.

Mother's Day Gift


Loving Hands: Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Regardless of skill level and budget, the best homemade gifts are born from creativity and personal touches that have special meaning and sentiment between the giver and the receiver of the gift. From pictures to records of personal achievements, Mother’s Day is an especially good holiday for taking the DIY approach to gift giving.

Customized Decorative Pillows

Pillows make a great Mother’s Day gift because they are both decorative and functional. Also with pillows, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to personalization options. From tracing and cutting hand and feet patterns out of fabric and sewing them onto the pillow, to creating a screen print from a favorite family picture, motto or slogan, or digital image, a pillow design can be as lively or minimalist as your mom’s personal aesthetic and taste. Get creative with fabric and ribbons, and when your pillow is ready to wrap, add a little extra flair with matching tissue paper and a decorative gift bag or box.

Bake (or Buy) Her Favorite Candy

Nothing says I love and appreciate you quite like a fancy box or tin of chocolate or candy. Whether you decide to bake her favorite brownie or cupcake recipe, or keep it simple by picking up a bulk supply of her favorite store bought candy bars or cookies, edible gifts are even sweeter when packaged in a special tin or box. Go plain and add some personal touches, or also invest in a decorative tin or box that can stand out as a collectible on its own.

Pamper Her With a Homemade Spa Kit and Gift Basket

Most moms are known for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own and neglecting much-needed self-care. A gift basket made up of DIY products, her favorite beauty products or a mixture of the two is a great way to acknowledge all of her hard work and to offer some loving encouragement to make some time for herself every now and then. Gift baskets are also a great way to get really creative with both the contents and the packaging. Pro tip: You don’t necessarily have to stick with a traditional basket.

Embellishments and Decorations

If you’re throwing her a party, use her favorite colors and materials to pick decorations that will make her feel like it really is her special day.

Moms are special every day of the year. But with a little effort and creativity, Mother’s Day can be an opportunity to make her feel especially loved and appreciated.

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