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7 Fun Birthday Party Favors to Wow Your Guests

Young party guests often expect fun birthday party favors and goody bags along with their birthday cake, and you get bonus points from their parents when you choose themes that aren’t overdone or too commercial. Themed parties allow for a lot of creativity, and you can let your personal touch shine through in the decor and party favors. From streamers and balloons to craft projects and customizable party favors, Paper Mart has everything you need for your next celebration.

Birthday Party Favors

Not sure how to get started? Try some of our favorite party favor ideas to take your next birthday party from drab to fab.

1. Think Inside the Box

Add sturdy tent boxes to your party supply list; this fresh take on the gift bag will be a delight for guests of all ages. We love the gable boxes for holding larger prizes such as a set of Play-Doh cups or art supplies. Choose a bright color and pattern to match your party theme, or opt for a plain version and fill them with stickers, glue sticks, and glitter to let your guests decorate their own keepsake. They can take home a personalized souvenir that will keep their prizes tidy, which is sure to please all the parents in the neighborhood.

2. Bucket List

Another container idea for goodies and favors is the metal pail. Perfect to fill with candies or beach-themed items, this souvenir is reusable and can be easily customized. The larger versions can double as goody bags, while the smaller buckets are excellent for rainbow-colored candies, popcorn or even gummy chews set out at the table as place markers. Guests can reuse the pails as planters or pen holders. Large pails may end up being commandeered by Mom or Dad for garden chores.

3. Great Garlands

Craft activities that are incorporated into the festivities are a unique and entertaining way for your guests to enjoy time together while they create custom party favors. Wreath building is the perfect way to advance a party theme while creating a memento from a special Mother’s Day celebration, baby shower or bridal shower. This keeps your younger guests engaged while keeping the theme suitable for adults with flowers and more sophisticated colors. Get adults in on the fun by having them make some crepe paper flowers to add to the final products. Be sure to provide gift bags large enough to transport the finished wreaths home!

4. Tropical Paradise

Brighten up a gray day with a tropical-themed celebration — and don’t forget the birds! This theme is perfect for family gatherings at any time of year. Decor can range from a bird motif and splashes of bright colors provided by streamers, chair sashes, and goody bags. Birthday party favors can include sunscreen, novelty sunglasses and small amounts of saltwater taffy wrapped in tulle and presented in a beachy canvas bag.

5. Ooh, La La!

Mardi Gras is one of the most enjoyable events of the year, but a fun French theme can create a visual extravaganza all year long. Grab your purple, gold and green streamers, and provide guests with a plain mask to decorate and wear. Don’t forget to add a treat bag to the mix. Fill a drawstring bag with candy and wrap Mardi Gras beads around the top for an on-theme keepsake.

6. Basket Case

Woven baskets make beautiful centerpieces and fun raffle items or birthday party favors for a larger event. Harvest season and autumn are the natural times to utilize this craft idea, but you can use baskets for a variety of treats — even for kids. Fill your container with paper basket shred in colors that match your party theme. Next, fill your basket with candies and toys for kids. For adults, consider providing more subdued colors and filling the basket with a mason jar and candles, beautiful fruit and homemade chocolates or baked goods.

7. Ice Cream Parlor Tricks

Everyone loves ice cream! Planning an ice cream social with a sundae bar is a crowd-pleasing theme at any time of year. Once your guests have had their fill of the creamy cold stuff, send them home with a goodie bag that looks just like an ice cream cone. Fill our clear cone-shaped bags about two-thirds full with chocolate candies, and then fill the rest with a contrasting color. Tie it with a ribbon, and it will look like a colorful scoop of ice cream on top of a brown cone.

Paper Mart is party central, whatever the occasion. From children’s birthday parties to weddings, Paper Mart has everything you need to create a memorable experience for your guests, regardless of their age. Custom birthday party favors, themed decorations, and craft projects can make any party one to remember. Let your imagination run wild when planning your next party; the possibilities are limitless!

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