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Beautiful Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The most beautiful baby showers are those that keep the personality and taste of the mom-to-be in mind. Rustic, classic, whimsical or bright, the right baby shower decoration can spell success for your next baby-welcoming celebration. Our full line of baby-themed papers, ribbons, tulle, gift boxes, gift bags and more make Paper Mart your go-to for the best baby shower decoration ideas. The following are just a few ways you can get creative with products from Paper Mart.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Onesie Cake

Every new mother needs plenty of soft and cuddly onesies to complete her baby’s wardrobe. And presenting them in a three-tiered cake shape tied with blue or pink ribbon and garnished with tulle is a fun way to give this practical gift. And you can use the three-tiered onesies display as the centerpiece of your gift table. Start by rolling the onesies into tight cylinders and secure with straight pins, rubber bands or small lengths of ribbon.

Create the first layer of the onesie cake by standing each onesie cylinder on its end until you’ve created a large circle. Secure the layer with a wide piece of blue or pink jumbo wired polka dot Paper Mart ribbon. Repeat the steps to create the second and third tiers, making each one slightly smaller than the previous tier. Stack the second and third tiers on the first, and secure with a few strategically-placed straight pins. Add a layer of pink or blue tulle around the bottom layer, and finish the top with one ‘It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” printed satin butterfly bow.

Baby Advice Jars

Have your guests write their very best baby advice for the mom-to-be and place in one of three glass jars decorated with Paper Mart’s Wendy gingham wired ribbon. Label one jar “Baby Advice,” the next, “Just for Mom,” and the third jar, “Wishes for Baby.” Place these jars at a table near the entrance with name tags so guests can pick up their name tags and write their wishes before being seated.

Bear-in-the-Box Centerpieces

Make guest tables sweet and fun with bear-in-the-box centerpieces for your baby shower decoration. Use Paper Mart’s white premium heavy gift boxes decorated with alphabet satin ribbon or baby footprint ribbon. Fill each box with blue or pink tulle. Next, rest one teddy bear in each box with his arm raised. Attach the arm to a helium-filled pearlized latex balloon from Paper Mart. Secure the bear’s arm to the balloon string by tying a piece of curling ribbon around the arm and the string. Scatter some crinkle cut crimped paper shreds on the table around each box.

Baby Sock Centerpieces

There’s nothing sweeter than baby socks! And these practical gifts make perfect rustic centerpieces for guest tables. Place clusters of white twigs in Ball Mason Jars from Paper Mart filled with clear, blue or pink marbles. Use miniature clothespins to secure baby socks to twigs. Hang matching socks close to one another to avoid losing any when the mom-to-be takes them home at the end of the shower.

Pleasing Party Favors

No baby shower would be complete without party favors for the guests. Fill Paper Mart’s polka dot cotton feel bags or gingham bags with personal items like lip balm, purse sized lotion bottles, mints or chocolate to make guests feel appreciated.

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