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DIY Party Favors: Five Fun and Simple Ideas We Love


Our 5 Best DIY Party Favor Projects

Few things in life are as fun as throwing a party. If you’re the creative type, designing your own party favors can make the whole event that much more festive. Here at Paper Mart, we are excited to share our best ideas for DIY party favors.

1. Custom Candy Tins

Customized candy tins are a great choice for a child’s birthday party, a baby shower, or any other special event. For a quick and fun project, get some window-top tins and fill them with a colorful candy of your choice. You can stick to using the same candy for all of your tins or get even more creative by sorting the candy by color and creating a rainbow effect. There’s also the option of adding a pretty ribbon for an additional decorative touch.

2. Infused Sugar

This is a fun and easy project that’s also very affordable. By mixing plain white sugar with an herb or spice, such as cinnamon or vanilla beans, you can create a delicious infused sugar that makes the perfect party favor. First, let your chopped or grounded flavor ingredients dry out on a sheet of wax paper overnight. Next, mix them with equal or greater parts sugar in glass jars and seal tightly. Let it sit in a cool, dry place for a few days so the sugar can infuse. From there, you can decorate the jars however you like. Your guests will be able to use these excellent DIY party favors to sweeten tea or sprinkle on toast or cereal.

freshly baked cookies3. Bake Your Own Cookies

Baking cookies in advance can provide you with some fun and easy party favors. If you’re aiming for something simple, look up a recipe for no-flour peanut butter cookies. They are quick, easy, and suitable for your gluten-free guests! Once you finish your cookies, you can show them off in a cute window pastry box.

4. Custom Tea Mix

All of the DIY party favors we’ve shared so far are designed for those with a sweet tooth. If your party guests have slightly more refined tastes, these custom tea jars are sure to be a hit. First, browse our selection of glass bottles and decide on a style that fits with your party theme. Next, visit a store that sells bulk goods and pick up some dried tea leaves and spices. You can try mixing two varieties of green tea together or blend black tea with spices like orange or anise. When you’re finished, mix them together in a big bowl and portion it into the bottles.

fancy silverware set5. Napkin Utensil Wrapper

If you’re having a dinner party, these napkin wraps will add a lot of festivity to your table. First, organize all of your utensils into sets for each of your guests. Then, wrap each set in a plain napkin and decorate with one of Paper Mart’s gorgeous ribbons. We have plenty of ribbon in every color imaginable, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to match your theme. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll have ribbon leftover for future DIY party favors and decorating projects.

For more information about the Paper Mart products you can use to create these awesome DIY party favors, please contact us today.

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