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Where to Buy Butcher Paper

Where can you find great deals on high-quality butcher paper?

Butcher paper has become a hot item among those interested in arts and crafts as well as professional kitchen accessories of top chefs. Some even rely on it in their offices to create a mind map that works out the details of how different software-program components interact with each other. Later in this article, we’ll list some of the most creative and popular uses for butcher paper, but first we have to tackle the more important question: Where is the best place to find this incredibly useful and versatile item at a good price?

In general, you can sometimes find butcher-paper rolls at some large department stores. School-supply or teacher-supply stores may also carry butcher paper. Your local office-supply stores offer one last place in your neighborhood to look — but remember that you can skip all of that driving around and save a lot of time by simply ordering your butcher paper online to receive it right at your own doorstep.

Here’s how to order butcher paper online from PaperMart:

The website carries several excellent varieties of butcher paper. Follow these steps to find just the kind that you’re looking for:

Go to the “Paper” section at the top page header, and under the “Paper Wraps” category, select “Kraft and News Rolls.” Also under “Paper Wraps,” the “Industrial Paper” section offers different color options beyond the traditional brown paper. Further browsing will also lead you to the brown Kraft-style butcher paper with wax on both sides that’s best for the kitchen.

Type the words “butcher paper” or “Kraft paper” into the search bar at the top-center of the page while also selecting to search “by product.” This option lets you further customize your results quickly and easily.

What are the butcher-paper fundamentals you need to know before buying?

Kraft & White Paper RollsPaperMart’s kraft and white paper rolls are all types of butcher paper, so don’t let the names fool you. Those giant rolls of paper that schools use also fall into the butcher-paper category.

Different types of butcher paper work better for different purposes. For example, waxed butcher paper is good for preparing brisket when storing the meat in the freezer to “rest” and marinate in the juices. The waxed butcher paper sold by PaperMart is high-quality, but it isn’t officially certified as food-grade quality. Therefore, you should always wrap the meat in plastic first and then the waxed paper, which prevents leakage by locking in just the right amount of moisture.

Unwaxed butcher paper is usually preferable for most arts and crafts projects, unless you are using the paper specifically as a shield to protect your work desk and repel moisture.

Now, here’s how you can put your butcher paper to good use:

To awaken your child’s inner Van Gogh, cover the bottom three feet of your walls, or at least your child’s bedroom walls, with unwaxed butcher paper. This way, toddlers can draw on the walls without damaging them.

Make an awesome movie by creating your own “green screen.” Just hang sheets of butcher paper down from the ceiling to create your perfect, solid-color filming backdrop. Then using a movie-maker program like iMovie, you can easily import any background footage of your choice to appear flawlessly behind the subject whom you filmed in front of the green screen.

Start a great school project for kids by having them lie down on the butcher paper in an interesting pose while a partner traces their outline onto the paper. Then the kids can paint them in fun colors and cut them out to create great decorations to hang in the classroom or in the school hallways.

Create a fun group project for children: a mural! Just roll out a strip of butcher paper that’s long enough for everyone in the class to have some space, and then you should tape it to the floor so that it stays in place while they work. Then they can paint, draw and color a big mural while learning to work together to create their masterpiece.

Transform any kind of bulletin board by making solid-color backdrops from sheets of your butcher paper, which are easy to replace.

Safeguard your workbench from science projects gone wrong or art disasters by covering them with waxed butcher paper to help contain the mess before it goes too far.

Last, but definitely not least, use butcher-paper sheets to make your own unique styles of wrapping paper for presents. For example, you can try something really creative like wrapping with black butcher paper and writing or decorating on it with white-ink markers.

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