Top 8 DIY Spring Projects for Moms and Kids!

ribbon wreath

Spring’s here! What better way to decorate than with items you use every day. To turn ordinary boxes and paper into extraordinary spring decor, check out what Paper Mart has to offer. We carry some of the best materials for DIY spring projects. This Spring season we asked paper and craft experts what their favorite DIY spring projects were. See what they said!

Ribbon Wreaths

W. Sturrock from My Tiny World says one of her favorites is ribbon wreaths. All you need for this doorway decoration is 14-inch wreath frames, ½ yard of ribbon, pins, 16 yards of 1 ½ inch wired ribbon, scissors, and a ruler.

To start, pre-cut your ribbon into 4-inch strips. Fold each ribbon in half the long way and then fold in half the other way. Attach your ribbon to your wreath frame and repeat until your wreath is ready to hang.


Paper Gift Bags

Giving spring treats and gifts in a bag you made yourself adds a personal touch to all your spring festivities. Clare Viviani says this is her favorite paper craft project and she often gives out eggs in the bags that she makes.

You only need three materials for this project. Grab some colored paper, glue, and a ribbon then start folding!

  1. Find the center of the long side of the paper and fold one side to that center line.
  2. Overlap the other half just a little. Glue the overlapping part down. Now you have two open ends.
  3. Fold one of the open ends up about 3 finger lengths and press the fold open into a hexagonal shape.
  4. Fold the top and bottom portions of your diamond so that they’re overlapping and glue them down.
  5. Fold both of the closed ends of the paper over about 1 ½ inches just to create a crease.

Your bag is ready! You can add ribbons and glitter or, for an added pop, create a fan at the open end of your bag by folding it back and forth 6-7 times. Keep the fan in place with ribbon or glue.

spring paper flower cut outs


Paper Flowers

Pei Sim from Paper and Craft Pantry loves homemade paper flower garlands. “When you string them all together they add a handmade touch to your spring celebrations and parties!”

You’ll need colored paper, leaf and flower patterns, needle, tape, string, scissors. When you have all your materials, stencil your flower shapes onto the colored paper of your choice. Then cut out your flowers and curl the petals with the scissors. Thread your string through the needle using tape to stop it from fraying and then push the needle through the center of each flower to create a chain. Hang them up for a festive atmosphere at your spring parties!

papier mache easter eggs

Papier Mache Eggs

When Jane Aldridge from Aldridge Crafts teaches DIY spring projects she loves making papier-mache eggs. She says “these are fun and easy crafts for Mom’s and kids to do together.”

When you need to keep your kids busy, create these colorful basket fillers. Collect balloons, paper, white glue or paper mache paste, scissors, paint brush, and glitter glue or other decorative pieces.

For this project simply inflate your balloon and cover it with 2-3 layers of papier mache. Let the paper and glue dry and pop the balloon. Then, go wild! Paint designs, glue flowers or add glitter to your egg. You can decorate your house with your finished eggs or cut them open and fill them with candy.


quilled egg


While quilling can be a challenging project, Sana Khan from 3D Quilling and Papercraft recommends “quilled eggs for kids and for mom’s working together.”

Keep in mind that quilling is a detailed and time-consuming process, but it has a very rewarding result. For your quilled eggs, you’ll be using a plastic egg, jewel embellishments, quilling paper, quilling tools, and glue.

For beautifully decorated eggs simply choose your quilling paper and make some patterns. Arrange the patterns on your plastic egg and glue them on. Then decorate with jewels or pearls.

mod podge

Mod Podge Bunnies

To make bunnies that you can keep forever, get some wooden bunny cutouts, Mod Podge, and different colored or patterned paper. Then you can trace your bunny cutout on your choice of paper. Once you cut out your stencil, apply the Mod Podge to the wooden cutout and paste your paper. Wait for the glue to dry and apply one more layer. Once that layer is dry too, you can take your bunny to the next level with paint, glitter, or flowers.

Dylan Brewer from Paulette’s Crafts says, ”my favorite kids’ craft to do with moms and kids would be a simple Mod-Podge Project…the end result is beautiful, and you can create on many different surfaces, using spring colors, sheet music, even old newspapers!”

We agree! And for this DIY spring project, you can create the ultimate custom bunny decoration.


Cardboard Box Baskets

Many of us have old shipping boxes just laying around waiting to be used. Recycle them with this DIY spring project from Susan Osmond at Quakers about Craft.

“I love making chicks out of bottles and making spring baskets out of cardboard boxes.” —Susan

You’ll need a cardboard box, paper, and ribbon. Simply cut out a basket shape from your box and decorate it with paper, flowers, and bunnies. You can create handles out of the box remains or add handles made out of ribbon. Fill it with paper shreds for a more festive look.


Paper Bunny Garland

Angie Barrett from Knit and Paper Scissors offered us a great alternative to flower garlands. If your little ones prefer bunnies, you can use our bunny stencil to create a garland instead.

Grab your favorite colored or patterned paper, ribbon, and scissors and trace your bunny stencil as many times as you want. Then cut out your stencils, cut a hole in the ears, and string your bunnies onto your ribbon.

Angie reminds us to add a personal touch by “mixing and matching colors and prints, remember bunnies don’t have to be traditional springtime colors!”

For these creative DIY spring project ideas you can use anything you have at home or get some unique products from Paper Mart. Our selection is sure to have everything you need to make your spring season colorful and bright. Make this spring extra special by crafting beautiful decorative items with your kids.



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    These are marvelous and imaginative creativity and craftwork. I love making these things on my weekends. Share more and more blog, we are anticipating for more blogs like these.

  3. CosmeaGardens says:

    These are really amazing and creative art and craftwork. I love doing these things on my weekends. Share more and more blog, we are waiting for more blogs like these.

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    • Hi Rose, we agree paper flowers are a great way to decorate for a big occasion or just simply spruce up a room or office. We’re so happy to hear you like our craft paper projects. Thank you for your message and please stay tuned for more!

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    • Hello! There’s always glitter all over the place here, haha. 😀 I’m sure you’ll agree that finding time to make loved ones feel special is at the heart of crafting. Thanks for sharing!

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