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Cans, Jars, Bottles

Making sense of a home or kitchen is all about storage. It’s that simple. Having the right products around for storing items logically, safely and attractively for a home or business is key to staying organized, neat and on-track. As we all know, an organized space reduces clutter and increases efficiency and productivity. Paper Mart offers an array of useful storage products to keep things tidy and super-organized.

Keep it Bottled Up

Storing and displaying liquid products for sale or home use is easy with the fine selection of bottles at Paper Mart. We offer a full line of attractive clear bottles with tops. These containers all have a modern appeal that’s always in style. We have dispenser tops to fit these bottles, for extra versatility and plenty of options. We also offer small opaque bottles in lime green, for a fresh look and convenient storage of lotions, shampoos or other products.

Jars Aplenty

Jars with lids are a great solution for keeping products sealed tight. We offer a full line of jars for storing food items or cosmetics securely and attractively. We have PET (polyethylene terephthalate) jars in durable shiny black plastic. We also have quality cosmetic jars in white PET food grade plastic with a stylish concave shape. Our white PET jars with a lid in black are another quality concept in storing cosmetics, powder or food items (like candy) safely and attractively. These jars and the black jars with a lid are smooth and accommodate labels easily.

Our storage containers also include jars with a lid in clear plastic with solid side ends. These containers range from round clear jars in durable PVC with a “paint can” style steel lid with handles, to clear containers in oval or round shapes with a pop on steel lid. Other clear containers include pretty plastic cylinders with metal-look cardboard ends that can be used for confections. All these containers show off products beautifully, and make wonderful gift containers. Take a look at the broad range of jars here at Paper Mart, where the ideas are fabulous and the selection is huge.


Store it Better!

Storage concepts at Paper Mart also include a huge selection of attractive containers in metal, in various shapes. We offer one of the largest selections of tin containers anywhere, all created especially for our company, and readily available to our customers.

These very durable, clean and good-looking containers are available in round, square, rectangular or oval shapes. We also carry tin cans in the shape of a heart (in red or white coating) or a hexagon. Some of these tin cans have a clear panel for extra attractive display of candy, ribbons or stationary. With a range of shapes and styles to choose from, from steel pail candy containers to black and gold oval cylinders with lids, there’s something here to satisfy every taste.

When it’s time to choose just the right container, check out the selection at Paper Mart today.

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