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Tape | Carton Sealing Tapes

Though it’s hard to imagine, there once was a world without tape. Somehow mankind coped, but with the advent of tape to seal up packages, prep a room for painting, or repair old notebooks, people began to wonder how they ever managed without this very convenient product. At, we know how important it is to have a sufficient supply of tape for the home or office. That’s why we offer 180+ different styles of tape, from industrial strength packing tape to pressure sensitive tape, floral tape and much more. Let’s take a look at the wide variety of tape available and always in stock.Self-adhesive carton sealing tape is a real “can’t do without” item, and we have every type. Our carton sealing tape is of the highest possible quality, and because we sell in large quantities, we’re able to offer these tapes at a deep discount.Our best-selling tape is our acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape, and it’s made of premium quality polypropylene plastic. This tape is a clear, solvent-based acrylic, which sticks firmly to every possible type of surface, and remains clear, so it allows for reading through the tape. This tape is ideal for long term storage of items, and won’t yellow with time. We also offer many other styles of durable polypropylene tape, like our white tape, which is sold in sets of six, and our white printed carton seal tape, which is used to supply warning labels on packages.

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Our pressure sensitive tapes are ideal for taping up boxes tight, and making sure they stay sealed. We offer a wide range of this type of durable tape, from 10 styles of masking tape, to duct tape, cello tape and more. Our highly durable tapes include SHURTAPEยฎ vinyl colored tape, which offers incredible adherence and resistance to abrasion.We also have P.V.C. heavy duty tape, which has a rubber-based adhesive and offers an easy, quiet application that holds boxes tight.We even have convenient hook-and-loop tape, which fastens on the ends to hold together loosely or come apart easily. This tape works like Velcro, and is great for sewing projects.

Floral Tape

At Paper Mart, we offer variety, selection and great prices on quality items. Our selection of tape includes not only a huge range of packing and shipping tape, but other kinds of tape like floral tape. Our floral stem tape is strong and stretchy, and it sticks to flower stems without adhering to fingers. This tape is ideal for creating bouquets, corsages, and other floral arrangements. Our waterproof floral tape is another option for creating beautiful floral arrangements. This tape can be used with wet flower stems or foam to hold items in place. The tape adheres to itself easily and provides a firm hold even when wet.If your home or business needs tape for shipping, storing, or packing, you can be sure Paper Mart has the supplies you need. Take a look at our selection!

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