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Recyclable Mailers: The New Favorite Shipping Solution

Want to stay up to date on the latest shipping innovations? We’ve got the scoop. Check out this overview of eco-friendly, recyclable mailers.

flat lay image of recyclable mailers

Finding The Perfect Recyclable Mailers For Your Needs

Based on your needs and preferences, mailers are a great shipping solution! Here are a couple of recyclable mailers that could work for you, the Pregis EverTec™ Recyclable Padded Mailers and the Recycled Padded Mailers

New Item! Pregis EverTec™ Recyclable Padded Mailers

Due to their lightweight body, cushioned design, curbside recyclability, and size selection, the EverTec mailers are a favorite among e-commerce businesses.

Pregis EverTec™ Recyclable Padded Mailers

Here are a few more reasons we love the EverTec mailers.

Important Features To Consider

Strength & Flexibility | Each EverTec mailer is puncture resistant and water resistant with strong side seals that display superior stretch.

Smart Labels & Certifications | Certifications are an indicator of quality and provide a reassurance that mailers have been consciously designed and produced. 

Optimal Logistic Solution | Using a self-sealing mailer minimizes storage space and simplifies the overall packaging process. 

Great Box Alternative | For products that are mostly flat like jewelry, books, or boxes less than 500 cubic inches, the EverTec mailers offer a great alternative to traditional boxes. 

Recycled Padded Mailers

For items that need a little heavy-duty protection, we like to rely on these practical padded mailers.

recycled padded mailers

Here are a few more reasons we like using our Recycled Padded Mailers.

Important Features To Consider

Sustainable Construction | These mailers are made out of 77% Recycled Paper Fibers and 62% Post-Consumer Material.

Lightweight | The uniform inner padding within these mailers eliminates the need for any extra or added packing materials.

Heavy Padding | Great for shipping items that need cushioning but don’t require the added space of a carton or corrugated box.

Double-Fold Bottom | The sturdy double-fold and double-glued bottom flap design of these mailers provides increased protection.

The Convenience Of Curbside Recyclability

example of how to recycle a curbside recyclable mailer

When it comes to recycling anything, a general rule of thumb is to always check with your local recycling programs for your area. However, if you want to save your customers this extra step during their unboxing experience, consider packaging materials that allow you to recycle anywhere.

image of environmental certifications for the EverTec mailers, WMU Certified, H2R Certified, and SFI COC Certified.
Example of Pregis EverTec™ Environmental Certifications

Generally, mailing envelopes that have the How2Recycle® label or are made from recycled paper content are curbside recyclable.

For example, the EverTec mailers have passed third party independent testing protocols and earned certifications that qualify them to use a recyclable symbol. These indicators are clearly printed on the mailer surface and serve as visual confirmation to the customer that the EverTec Mailers are curbside recyclable.

Simply empty their contents and pop them into the recycling bin as you would regular paper.

More Recycling Tips For Bubble Mailers & Envelopes

If you like the lightweight and protective features of mailers but want to consider more recycling options, check out our easy-to-follow bubble mailer recycling tips and know-how to help you make the best decisions for you and your business.

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