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A Walk Through Will Call

Did you know that we offer a Will Call Pick Up option to local customers? If you’re in the neighborhood, you have the unique opportunity to pick up directly from our warehouse.

Paper Mart Will Call Team

Here’s a little background on this super fast and easy pick up option!

A Little Bit About Will Call

We started offering Will Call Pick Up in the 1960’s. Since our interactions with our customers and community were mostly through our catalog and (much later – website, email, and phone) we really enjoyed the face-to-face interactions Will Call Pick Up offered. It gave us a chance to get to know our neighbors on a new level and build those relationships. So, when we moved into our current home in Orange, we brought Will Call with us!

A Few More Reasons To Love Will Call

No Shipping Charges | Save money and cut the cost of 3rd party shipping when you pick up directly.

Next Day Pick Up | When it comes to convenience, nothing beats next day service.

Personalized Care | With each visit, your pick up gets a little more personalized.

If you haven’t used Will Call pick up yet, but you’re interested in stopping by, we’re here for you. Let’s go through how to place an order for Will Call Pick Up, what to expect when you’re picking up your order, and a few tips that will ensure the whole process is quick and easy.

How To Place An Order For Will Call Pick Up

Placing an order for Will Call Pick Up is easy! As you go through the Checkout process on the website, you’ll be offered a few different shipping methods. Select Will Call Pick Up.

After choosing Will Call, you’ll be prompted to input your phone number and convenient date and time for your order pick up.

Screen recording of Will Call order process

FYI: We’ll only use your phone number to text you information about your order. We won’t be texting you about anything else without your consent. For more information about how your information is used, check out our full Privacy Policy here.

After your pick up information has been selected, continue through Checkout and complete your order.

First Time Will Call Pick Up? Here’s What To Expect

Map indicating location of Paper Mart Will Call with directional arrows

Our Will Call is located right at the heart of our 10-acre warehouse. We receive shipments of product each day and you may see large trucks and trailers being delivered. Don’t worry! We have a designated waiting area just for Will Call Pick Up. Head towards it, park in an open spot, and text us when you arrive.

  • Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM PST (No Walk-In Retail / Showroom)

When You Arrive: The Will Call Process + Tips For Success

Step 1: Parking At The Docks

At your selected appointment time, head towards Docks 2-5 and park within the designated dock lines. If a spot is not available, please park in the additional Will Call Parking along the fence line.

Tip For Success: Look for the blue Will Call signs and park in the designated spots!

Step 2: Let Us Know You’re Here

After you park, text 714-844-5952 with your Order Confirmation Number and Dock Number. If you’re processing a return, please text us your RMA Number.

Tip For Success: A record of your Confirmation Number can be found in your confirmation email or your Account Dashboard!

Step 3: Come On Over

Wait for our text reply. We’ll text back and let you know once your order is ready.

Tip For Success: In the waiting area? We’ll let you know which dock to pull up to!

Will Call FAQ

Do you offer same day pick up?

Yes. Place your order by 1PM PST. To allow for the appropriate picking and processing of your order, we require a minimum of 3 hours from your order time to pick up. There will be a $20 service fee for orders less than $300.

Does Will Call Pick Up also take returns?

Yes. ​​​​​​​All returns must have an RMA# in order to be accepted at the dock. Please contact our Customer Care Center if you need assistance at 800-745-8800.

I live out of state, can I still get Will Call Pick Up?

Will Call Pick Up is only available for those within the local area. We strive to make sure that each order is received quickly and in a convenient manner. If you’re out of state or live far away, the best way to receive your order would be through our 3rd party shipping carriers.

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