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How to Make a Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder for a Disney Party

Whether you’ve been a part of the Mickey Mouse club since you were little or you just got your Mickey ears, you’ll adore our selection of Disney wrapping paper. Full of fun characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, our Disney gift wrap is great for birthday parties, the holidays, and more. When it comes to the famous mouse, he and his friends are welcomed at any occasion!

Choose from Mickey Mouse gift wrap, Minnie Mouse gift wrap, or other Disney gift wrap. The person who receives your gift will smile at the beloved Disney characters smiling back at them. And just like what Disney always says, this Mickey gift wrap is for all – big and small, goofy or Donald.

You’ll also want to travel down to the Hundred Acre Woods, where Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger are waiting. We have even more Disney wrapping paper that features lovable Pooh and friends. With different designs and characters, this Winnie the Pooh gift wrap is ta-ta-terrific! So when you shop at Paper Mart for Disney gift wrap, it’s like getting your very own pot of honey (Pooh has to find his own).

Don’t bounce out of here yet. We’ve got a DIY tutorial on how to make a Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder that will complement your Disney wrapping paper.

Materials for Making a Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder:

  • One Styrofoam Wreath Form
  • Two smaller circular Styrofoam for the ears
  • One White Styrofoam Cone 12″ tall x 4″ wide/at base
  • One can of Black Spray Paint
  • One 4-inch wide Wood and Round Plate (for base)
  • Glue gun
  • Lollipops
  • Red acrylic paint and brush
  • Knife or saw

Steps for Making a Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder:

  1. Using a knife or saw, cut off 2 inches from the top of the Styrofoam Cone. Make sure it’s as flat as can be, since your wreath will be resting on top.
  2. Spray paint your Styrofoam Wreath Form, two smaller circular Styrofoams, and Styrofoam Cone in black. You’ll want to spray paint side by side to get all angles. It’s best to spray paint one side, set on newspaper to dry, and then move onto another side after it dries. Continue this process until all sides are spray painted black.
  3. Using your red paint and brush, paint the wooden plate. Allow to dry before proceeding to next step.
  4. With your hot glue gun, you’ll glue the cone-shaped Styrofoam to the red plate. You want to glue it to a strong base, so the lollipop holder doesn’t tip over.
  5. Using the glue gun, glue your wreath to the top of the cone-shape (this is Mickey’s head). Also, glue your small circular Styrofoams to both sides of the wreath (these are Mickey’s ears).
  6. Now, your Mickey Lollipop Holder is ready for lollipops! Start sticking lollipops all over the cone-shaped Styrofoam.

Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder

Your Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder is ready for its limelight at your Disney Party. You can even use our Disney Wrapping Paper as a table runner underneath this Mickey Mouse Lollipop Holder. Golly, that sure was fun!



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