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Coffee Bags

Paper Mart Tin-Tie Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are specifically designed to keep air out and preserve the freshness of the contents inside. Many coffee bags come with tin tie tops which make them easy to reclose and reuse. Tin tie tops are metal tabs enclosed with paper. A secured tin tie top helps keep moisture out and flavor in. Although generally referred to as coffee bags, many people use these bags to store other food items including cookies and candy. Therefore these types of bags are also known as tin tie bags.

Coffee bagsCoffee bags come in different colors, textures, sizes and design. They often feature a poly laminated inner liner to help lock in freshness. Other coffee bags may be lined with a different type of grease-proof material. Both do a great job in maintaining the quality and flavor of the food stored. A number of coffee bags may also feature a window so that people can easily view the contents of the bag.

While a coffee bag can be used for what it names implies, it can also be used for other purposes as well. For example, coffee bags are great for packing party favors or baked goodies. Some even come with a holiday themed design making it even more convenient to use these bags for home-made gifts. With money tight, some people may opt to bake cookies or treats in lieu of buying a gift for family members or friends. Coffee bags are the ideal choice for packing these baked goodies and presenting them in a special way to your loved ones.

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