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Plastic shopping bags – Convenient for store owners.

Walk into any store and it’s almost guaranteed that they provide plastic shopping bags for their customers. Plastic shopping bags are a convenient way to carry purchases back home. They can be recycled and used for other tasks as well. For example, many people reuse plastic shopping bags as trash bags or to pick up dog feces. Heavy-duty plastic shopping bags can be reused for carrying larger items.

   Plastic bags are usually made from polyethylene. They can be created from high density or low density polyethylene. The thickness of the bag often determines the quality of the plastic shopping bag. A process called blown film extrusion is generally used to create the bags. The downside of using plastic bags is they are not environment-friendly. It may take centuries for a plastic bag to decompose. Because of their harmful effects on the environment, some cities have banned the use of plastic shopping bags. Efforts are being made to create bags from biodegradable material such as vegetable-based bioplastics which would help reduce the impact on the environment tremendously.

   Not many people take the time to consider the diversity of plastic shopping bags that are available. The smaller mom-and-pop shops often use plain black or white  plastic shopping bags. The larger retailers generally have custom printed logos on their bags which is a great way to advertise the store name. Store owners can choose from a variety of plastic shopping bags that come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles.

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  1. Jay Patel December 21, 2018

    It is very true that technology plays an important role in our lives and will always continue to arise in different versions. The only biggest blow to technology is the continuous downturn of economic situations in different countries around the world. Bad economic situations affect technology in that it dictates for under utilization of newly invented machines. When the cost is to high people will always go back to much cheaper or traditional methods of doing things even if they prove too cumbersome or labor intensive. The invention of plastic bag sealer is one of the most appreciated inventions as far as the use of plastic bags is concerned, because it is recloseable.

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