How To Go Green With Your Packaging

If you’re looking for ways to go green and start implementing a more eco-friendly business, we can help. Here are a couple of easy to follow tips to help you make green and recyclable decisions for your business and life.


Tip 1: Think About What You Use The Most

An easy and high-impact way to transition to an eco-friendly business is to examine what supplies you use the most. Once these supplies are identified, swap them for recyclable options. For example, if you’re a restauranteur who uses plastic bags for take-out orders, try using a paper bag made of recycled content.

Tip 2: Opt For Recyclable Alternatives

Once you’ve started making more conscious and eco-friendly decisions, it’s easy to keep going. Try swapping out more disposables for these green alternatives.


Recyclable Materials To Consider

When you first delve into the pool of eco-friendly supplies and materials, there will be a few buzz-worthy and green-sounding options available to you. We understand how confusing this can get. To keep things simple for you and your business, here are a few tried and true earth-friendly materials to consider.

Recyclable Paper & Cardboard

With a push towards using recycled methods of processing and production, finding supplies and materials made of recycled paper is easy!

Recyclable Paper Materials

Biodegradable / Recyclable Plastics

Not often considered to be a green material, there are a few plastic types that can be recycled. The trick is getting to know which plastics are environmentally sound and which are not. A basic rule of thumb is to refer to the resin identification coding system indicated on your plastic.

Surprising Recyclable Plastics 

Innovative Plant-Based Solution: Compressed Sugarcane (Bagasse) Fiber

Sugarcane is a sustainable raw material and renewable resource. Bagasse is a plant-based alternative to plastic and paper materials.

Renewable Plant-Based Alternatives

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