Mother’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Garden Label

Thinking about making something special for mom this year? Try making this floral DIY garden label stake. Let us show you how!

floral bouquet in a wood container accented by a paper mart satin ribbon and "mom" garden label

A Handmade Wire Garden Label Gift

Help keep the garden growing with a beautiful floral wire label for mom. Whether you’re using it to embellish her already lush herb garden or to simply accent a Mother’s Day floral bouquet, this wire label will show mom that you care. 

handmade wire label for Mother's Day surrounded by paper mart craft items

Supplies We Used

  • Floral Spool Wire
  • Mini Paper Roses
  • Wood Sticks
  • Hot Glue & Glue Sticks
  • Needle Nose Pliers

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How To Make Your Own Garden Label Stakes For Mother’s Day:

  1. Using your pliers and floral wire, gently bend the wire and write the word “Mom” in cursive. The overall size and shape will vary due to preference, but ours was 11-1/2”.
    Note: If it helps to have a stencil to use as a guide while bending the wire, we recommend writing the word “Mom” on a piece of paper, then tracing over it with your wire as you bend. 
  2. Once your wire label has been shaped, strengthen its body by twisting additional strands of green wire around the lettering. Repeat 2x.
  3. After your label body has been formed, arrange your mini paper roses throughout the wire lettering and use their wire stems to secure them.
  4. Create anchor points to help hold your label in place and upright by gluing your wood sticks onto the first and last letters of your sign. 
  5. Finally, insert your sign into your floral arrangement and enjoy!

We love getting creative and personalizing gifts with handmade touches like this wire garden stake. The beauty of this DIY is that it can be easily adapted to fit any name or word! Use it to label your herbs and florals for springtime, or as a unique cake topper. With a little creativity and the right supplies, the possibilities are endless.

Wrapping something special for mom this season? Show us using our social tag #mypapermart. If you loved this DIY, keep following our blog all year long for craft ideas, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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