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Adhesive Tape: The Pros and Cons of Different Styles

From colorful washi tape to the tough strength of paper shipping tape, you have plenty of choices when it comes to the adhesive tape from Paper Mart. The most important part of working with tape is choosing the right tape for the job at hand. Learning more about the different types of adhesive tapes and best practices will help you make the best choices for your shipping, crafting, and decorative needs. 


adhesive tape


Adhesive Tape for Shipping and Business

The biggest consideration when choosing adhesive tape for boxes is whether you prefer paper or plastic tape. It is important to pick the right tape for your job. You’ll not only struggle to seal your boxes, but you could even lose the contents. Learning more about adhesive tape can help you choose the right tools for the job.


Paper Tapes

adhesive tapeAlso referred to as Kraft tape, paper carton sealing tape is generally more affordable than plastic, and you’ll need less of it to securely seal boxes. Almost all paper shipping tape is reinforced with additional strapping or fibers. Giving it the strength you need for heavy-duty shipping. You’ll need a specialty dispenser for some types of paper shipping tape.

Paper tape comes in different grades so you can choose the strength you need for the job at hand. Precision cutting is easier with paper tape, resulting in less waste and improved efficiency. In most cases, paper tape is also wider than plastic, further increasing its value.

Paper tape withstands extreme temperatures that could melt plastic tapes. This makes it an ideal choice for warmer climates and summer shipping. Paper tape is also ideal if you tend to overstuff your packages. As its innate strength allows it to hold everything together without stretching or tearing.


Plastic Tapes

Plastic adhesive tape is easy to use, and you don’t need special equipment or dispensers to apply it effectively. This type of tape is generally pressure-sensitive. It’s easy to stick to your boxes and applied over old tape and labels. Unlike paper tape, you can use plastic tape on poly mailers and other types of packets. If you mail products in poly or Tyvek, you’ll need to keep the plastic adhesive tape on hand to secure them.

adhesive tapePaper and plastic are just the beginning, and your choice will depend on the types of packages you ship most often. Paper Mart has many unique ways to accomplish your packaging needs! In some cases, you may need one or more specialty tapes to effectively ship your items. Consider adding the following to your shipping supplies so you always have the right tool for the job:

  • Filament Tapes: Reinforced with tough fiberglass strands, filament tapes have to be cut through to be removed. If you need to be sure a package is secure or want tampering to be obvious, a filament tape is the best choice.
  • Printed Tape: When you want the handlers and recipient to know an item is fragile, perishable or time-sensitive, a printed tape can go onto your securely sealed box as a way to protect the items and ensure proper handling.
  • Custom Tape: Tape created specifically for your brand with your own message can help improve awareness of your business and allows you to create a cohesive image. Use this tape over traditional paper or plastic packing tape so your boxes and products are instantly identifiable.

Duct tape, masking tape, and decorative tapes are fun and attractive. However, they are not usually not durable enough for business use. You should also save Scotch or Magic Tape for wrapping gifts, not securing packages; they’re too flimsy for shipping or moving boxes.


Decorative Tapes for Crafting and Décor

adhesive tapeFrom creating actual garments to accenting home décor and making amazing crafts at home, there’s a wide range of applications for decorative tape. While these specialty tapes are not recommended for securely fastening items for the long haul, they are wonderful for crafting. As with shipping, using the right tape for the project you have in mind ensures success.

  • Washi Tape: This paper tape is a Japanese-inspired crafting staple; while it does not hold items together securely, it provides a punch of color and design to almost any surface in an instant. Washi tape does not have a strong adhesive so it can be applied and later removed without damaging the surface. It won’t stick to fabric, but washi works well for paper, wood, tile and other surfaces.
  • Duct Tape: A crafting powerhouse, duct tape is an economical way to add plenty of color and style without taking the time to create a surface design. Simply add duct tape to the surface you’re working on for an instant burst of color and pattern. You can also create whole sheets of duct tape. Then use them to craft anything from clothing to accessories, jewelry, and bags. This versatile supply is ideal for kids, teens and group projects since it is so fast and easy to work with.
  • Clear Packing Tape: This plastic tape is intended for shipping but can also be used to protect small pieces of paper art or as a stand in for lamination. Clear packaging tape also makes for easy and affordable image transfers; simply add water and transfer your chosen image to another surface.


Paper Mart’s Tape Selection  

Whether you need to ship boxes securely, want to boost brand awareness or want to create amazing decorative items for your home, we have the tape you need to get the job done. Visit Paper Mart and check out our extensive selection of functional and decorative tapes to suit your needs. We take pride in our ability to offer a full lineup of options for everything. Let us cover your supplies for business/branding to crafting/creative projects!


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