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Thanksgiving Decoration with Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile–your kids already know this when they’re looking for a new object in which to play. However, if you are an adult, you can also use this type of box for your festivity needs during Thanksgiving. When you’re decorating for your guests prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, all you have to remember is that your decor does not need to be expensive. That’s exactly why it is such a blessing to have boxes like these on hand. Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, here’s how you can get a head start on decorating with cardboard boxes.

Make a Thankful Box

Tying in brilliantly to the holiday of Thanksgiving is the concept of a thankful box that you can easily make out of cardboard boxes. What’s great about this type of box craft is that your kids can easily join in on the activity as well, especially since they will be looking to do something, too. Just cover or have your kids cover the boxes with construction or wrapping paper. An additional idea that is appealing is to write “thank you” on the outside of the box. Inside the box, have your kids write down reasons for why they are thankful on pieces of paper. After dinner, they can then be read aloud.

Make a Thanksgiving Wreath

A Thanksgiving wreath is another interesting and enjoyable idea that you can turn into a reality using some cardboard boxes that you have lying around the house. Before your guests come over for Thanksgiving dinner, you can cut out a wreath base from a cardboard box. Then, you can attach to this wreath base some decorations like deco mesh, real or cutout leaves, ribbons, nuts and even hand turkeys. Once it’s all done, you and your kids can hang this fall wreath on any wall in the house or, better yet, right on the front door.

Decorations Storage Box

At the end of the Thanksgiving holiday, you and your kids can even make a storage box in which you can keep all of the various Thanksgiving decorations that you don’t need for the rest of the year. Start, as usual, with the cardboard box, and begin to decorate it properly, so that it becomes a storage box with a Thanksgiving theme. You can decorate it with some cutout leaves all over its surface area. Even something as basic as hand turkeys all over the side of the box can add Thanksgiving flair.

This is how you can decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday. Cardboard boxes are versatile, more so than you think, allowing you to create festive decor for the home at a very low cost. In addition, you will also be able to keep your kids busy, so that they don’t just run around the house and stay out of the kitchen. Instead of just throwing away or recycling these boxes, it is imperative that you try some of these creative ways of using them.

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