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3 Creative Ways to Package Soaps and Beauty Products

Selling cosmetics or bath products? Build your brand and inspire customers with unique, coordinated product packaging.

3 Creative Ways to Package Soaps and Beauty Products


You’ve mastered the art of creating miracle skin products, soaps, and bath bombs. Now master the art of perfect packaging.

By investing as much time and energy into the unboxing experience for customers as you do the products themselves, you’ll be creating a memorable, branded experience that makes repeat sales more likely. For customers who expect the same old packaging, yours will be a breath of fresh air.

Not sure where to start? How about one of these three themes that will bring your soaps and beauty products together in a cohesive presentation.


1. Rustic Packaging

Go for a rustic effect with earth tones and provincial, outdoors-inspired details. Achieve the look with wooden boxing instead of cardboard — may we suggest our French oak-inspired wine crates?

Package sugar scrubs, body butters, and creams in petite plastic or glass jars. Cognac or ivory colored crinkle cut gift shred provides the perfect cushion for all your goodies while maintaining that homey vibe. Finish the whole thing off with a charming satin ribbon in a green, black, or neutral color like cumin or mocha. Totally Instagrammable!


2. Colorful Packaging

Execute a bright, summer-inspired aesthetic with punchy details and playful jewel tones. Start with one of our corrugated mailing boxes in a color that pops, like apple green or hot pink. Fill your box with crinkle cut gift shred in a more neutral color to balance the brightness of the other details. Package bath products and cosmetics in unique plastic jars, and nestle them into the gift shred. For an extra touch bound to delight your buyers, consider butterfly embellishments or other fun flourishes to tuck tastefully around your products. Top it all off with a custom label so your customers are sure to remember your brand.


3. Elegant Packaging

For weddings, holidays, and other special occasions, opt for metallic tones that give off an air of sophistication. Start with a foil tuck top gift box in silver or gold. Add a tiny metallic bow to each product for a glamorous garnish.

Instead of packing peanuts or crinkle cut, lay your products in a luxurious bed of copper tissue paper. Tie it all together with a bow tied from sparkling, Poised and polished!

No matter what style you go with, all of your packaging should come together in a complementary, complete look that creates a unique unboxing experience for your customers. Professional, aesthetically appealing packaging will earn your business customer loyalty while encouraging satisfied customers to share their beautiful purchases on social media. From understated minimalism to a bright and bold color palette, execute all your packaging visions with the highest quality products from Paper Mart.


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