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3 Easy Party Backdrop Ideas We Love

It’s just about time to move, groove, and party it up this season! Join us in celebrating with this roundup of beautiful insta-worthy party backdrops. Take a look!


Colorful Crepe Paper Backdrop

Party Backdrop

Crepe paper is our favorite sort of tissue paper. With its thin layers, creped texture, and variety of colors, it is easily one of our favorite materials to work with. This makes it easy for us to create colorful backdrops for any occasion.

Captured here is one of our favorite handmade colorful moments by @homeinthehills_. We love how our tissue paper naturally falls to create a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for this sweet dessert table. To make your own, simply grab some of your favorite colored crepe paper, fold it over and snip a little bit of fringe onto the edges!

FYI: If you want to grab some colorful crepe paper for your event, check out our Crepe Paper Collection here!


We’re Feeling Lucky With Adorable Fringe

Party Backdrop

We would never lie to you: fringe isn’t hard to make, but it does take a while. An easy way to cut your time in half is by using crepe paper streamers! Crepe paper streamers are known to many as the go-to party decoration for many a birthday. With a little creativity, it’s possible to polish up this old classic and create a modern party decoration.

Here, we have the cutest seasonal background embellished by strips of fringe. We love that @madeofsugarandspice uses seasonal colors and adorable gold stamping to incorporate her party theme. Easily make our own by evenly snipping one edge of your streamer.

FYI: Looking to make your own cute fringe backdrop? Check out our Crepe Paper Streamer Collection!


Dreamy Mermaid Tassels

Party Backdrop

Tassels are the perfect way to dress up any party. Simply string them above your party and it’s an instant upgrade!

We can’t stop thinking about these whimsical mermaid tassels made by @etsyelisanicole. We love the touches of iridescence that weave in and out throughout each tassel. To make your own, take a sheet of tissue paper and snip the edges to create some fringe. After that, roll your tissue paper into a cylinder shape, fold it in half, and twist to create a loop for hanging.

FYI: For smooth sheets of tissue paper, check out our Tissue Paper Collection! To add those touches of dreamy iridescence, check out our sheets of Iridescent Cellophane!

Are you decorating for a party this year? Show us your decor tricks and tips our #mypapermart tag. We are continually inspired by you and your creations. Did you love this roundup? Stay tuned for more craft inspiration! We’re looking forward to helping you upgrade your decorations this holiday season with more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses.

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