Paper Mart Celebrates Halloween 2018

When we say that Halloween is our season, we’re not joking around. We love it. For us at Paper Mart, it’s become an annual tradition to break out the tulle and Kraft paper. During this time we flex our creative muscles with festive office Halloween decorations and pumpkin carving competitions!

office halloween decorations office halloween decorations

Our Friendly Halloween Competition Rules

Each department plans out their office Halloween decorations to their heart’s content. In the warehouse, each department carefully crafts a bright and juicy pumpkin. We each have a full month to plan our decorations and designs out accordingly. The prize? A delicious team lunch!


Let Us Show Off A Little

Here is a taste of what each department did.

A Haunted Forest Of Cubicles

With a little bit of Kraft paper and a lot of large-scale ingenuity, our cubicles were instantly transformed from unassuming office furniture to an eerie and haunted woods.



Heaven And Hell

What do you do when your office Halloween decorations need to span two floors? Work with what you’ve got! Here we incorporated our Floating Ghost Balloons into Heaven and Hell themes.

halloween halloween


Spooky Tulle Customer Care Graveyard

In case you were wondering where your resolved Customer Care cases were resting! They’re in a soft, tulle-filled graveyard resting in perfect peace.

halloween office halloween decorations


The Human Resources Fortune Telling Offices

Because walking into every Human Resources department, especially ours is magical. 

halloween office halloween decorations office halloween decorations


Festive Dia de Los Muertos Altar For Products Long Gone

With an inventory of over 26,000+ items, we are constantly remembering the best-loved items that have passed through our doors.

office halloween decorations


Eerie Witch And Her Bubbling Cauldron

Black lace can be wonderfully elegant, or when placed next to a bubbling synthetic cotton cauldron, extremely terrifying. Your choice!

office halloween decorations


Smiling Sandworms In A Pot

Terrifying and cute at the same time! An achievement that only extremely skilled crafters can earn. 

office halloween decorations

As a 4th generation owned and operated family business, we love taking the time to team build, showcase the wonderful talents we have, and celebrate every occasion. It’s these moments that bring us closer as a team and a family. We’re grateful for the hard work and dedication that has helped Paper Mart grow and look forward to many more festivities this season.

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