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Easy DIY Easter Ribbon Wreath

Today we’re channeling our favorite neutral tones with this rustic seasonal Easter wreath. Let us show you how we made it!

Easter wreath made with Paper Mart ribbons and deco mesh displayed on a door

Make Your Own Nature-Inspired Easter Wreath

flat lay of materials and supplies to make an Easter wreath, paper mart ribbons, deco mesh, and round wreath frame

You’ll Need

Here’s How To Create Your Easter Wreath

The trick to a seamless wreath design is a completely covered base. To make sure the frame is fully covered, don’t hesitate to pause periodically and fluff out the body of your ribbon to create volume. 

  1. First, make sure your wreath frame is prepped with pipe cleaners. Evenly space each pipe cleaner out around your frame body. For our wreath, we use 8 pipe cleaners on the inner frame and 8 on the outer edges.
  2. Next, start to form the foundation of your base using your deco mesh and the inner part of your frame. Gather the edge of your deco mesh and attach it to the inner part of your frame using the pipe cleaners. As you attach your mesh, start shaping your loops. We use about 9 inches of ribbon to create a single loop. This little trick ensures full wire frame coverage and maximum volume.
  3. Once fully covered, move onto the outer edges of your frame. Continue until completely covered. Once fully covered, trim your ribbon and tuck the loose end into your wreath.
  4. Next, prep your embellishments by trimming each of your ribbons to 12”. To create a rustic look, we cut 8 ribbons from each pattern. 
  5. Finish ribbon edges by simply folding each end in half and trimming at an angle. This gives you that charming V-shaped finish. 
  6. Once the ribbon edges are finished, begin attaching them to the wreath body. Choose two styles of ribbons and layer them onto each other. Cinch the center and attach your ribbon to the frame using the pipe cleaners. If your pipe cleaner ends are too long, trim. Continue until all the ribbon pieces are attached.
  7. After you’ve finished attaching your ribbons, step back and examine your handiwork. Don’t be afraid to fluff your loops out a little more. The bigger, the better!
  8. Finally, add your handmade sign embellishment and display to your heart’s content!
Easter wreath made of patterned Paper Mart ribbons and Paper Mart deco mesh

Storing And Saving Your Wreath

This DIY is great because it is super easy to make and because it is made of extremely sturdy and durable materials able to be stored and saved for upcoming seasons. Easily protect your creation from dust by keeping it loosely covered with plastic and stored in a large box.

Looking to make your own wreath this season? Share your ideas with us using the #MyPaperMart social tag! We are always so inspired by you and your creativity. Share it with us on FB or Instagram and stay tuned for more how-to’s, Paper Mart news, product features, and more!


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