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9 Surprising Things You Need To Shrink Wrap Right Now

At its core, shrink wrap is a piece of extra durable plastic that has the capability to minimize, tighten, and form a protective seal when a little bit of heat is applied to it. This wrap is often offered in a thin plastic rollbag, or convenient tube. Businesses love it because its affordable, easy-to-use, and extremely protective.

We love it for all of those things and then some – we love this heat wrap simply because it gives us the unlimited creative freedom to package, ship, and store items of any shape or size. Here are a few examples.

large warehouse pallets wrapped in solid colored shrink wrap, blue, red, yellow, and green

Bundle & Organize Big Items

Shrink wrap is made from a very durable plastic that won’t loosen, tear, or puncture. As it goes through the heating process, it conforms to the shape of your items and creates a protective barrier against unwanted dust, dirt, or moisture. This makes larger heat wrap rolls or stretch and banding film the ideal sealing agent for bigger items like…

  • Industrial Pallets
  • Boxes

Industry Tip: Stretch and banding film is often offered in a wide range of colors. Use these colors as an easy way to color-code and organize your warehouse.

Shrink Wrap Small Items

Because of its tight, tamper-proof seal shrink wrap has the ability to form a protective barrier around potential openings (like twist caps or lids!) where bacteria or moisture could get in. Small bags, tubes, or bands can help reinforce the quality and purity of your items. This is why you often see it used for…

  • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hardware & Electronics
  • Literature
  • Video Games, DVDs, and CDs

Encase Items Of Any Shape

The best part about shrink wrap is that it refuses to put limits on our creativity. If we want to make a giant gift basket filled to the brim with stuffed animals, our handmade personal care items, and other oddly shaped giftables, then shrink wrap is there for us to simply support and protect. This is why retailers and more love using these heat shrink bags for…

Are you interested in wrapping your items in heat shrink film? Check out our Shrink Wrap Collection here! Have you been wrapping fun and surprising items? Show us by using the #mypapermart social tag! We love seeing our items in action.

If you loved this round-up of surprising items to shrink wrap, then stay tuned to our blog! We’re looking forward to providing more product features, small business tips, DIY crafts and more.

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