Wrap Like A Pro: Gift Baskets & Shrink Wrap

Give your gift baskets a touch of polish and professionalism with shrink wrap. 

shrink wrap


How Do You Shrink Wrap A Gift Basket?

In four simple steps, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about wrapping your next gift basket with shrink wrap!

Here’s What You’ll Need

How To Shrink Wrap A Gift Basket Like A Pro

1.) Preheat your heat gun to its lowest setting.

2.) As your heat gun is warming up, completely cover your gift basket with your shrink wrap.

3.) Once your heat gun is ready, point the nozzle away from you and toward the surface of your plastic. 

4.) As heat is applied to the surface of your plastic, it should begin to shrink. In long, sweeping motions, use your heat gun to disperse heat along the surface of your wrap. Repeat along the surface of your gift basket until fully shrunk.

shrink wrap

Tip 1: Keep It Movin’

If the heat gun stays in one spot for too long, the plastic has a chance of melting. To ensure an even and consistent surface, maintain a slow and even motion over the wrap until it’s shrunk to size. 

Tip 2: The Heat Gun Will Get Very Hot

It is very important to remember that when you’re using a commercial grade heat gun, the tip of the gun can get extremely hot. Our heat guns can get up to 1000°F.

Tip 3: There’s No Need To Cut To Size

At first glance, the plastic bags, shrink film, or shrink bands may look big and oversized, but as the plastic heats up, they will shrink to size.

The Big Debate: Hair Dryer Vs. Heat Gun

If you were wondering which tool to use for wrapping gift baskets, hair dryers or heat guns, let us help with a visual, and some sound advice.

Our Opinion: Heat Guns Are The Best

Overall, if you have enough time to spare, and if you have a hair dryer that can produce enough heat at a fast enough rate, your shrink wrap will melt. However, if you want fast, sleek, professional results consistently, we recommend using a heat gun.

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