Wrap Like A Pro: Unique Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping Secret: Everyday Tools Are Your Best Friend

This creative gift wrapping technique utilizes one of our favorite everyday tools, the sewing machine! 

Here’s What You’ll Need

How To Wrap Your Unusually Shaped Gifts

1.) Using your scissors and patterned wrapping paper, cut two large, simple shapes. (We cut out a star, circle, and tree from our wrapping paper!)

2.) Making sure the wrong sides of the wrapping paper are together, align the edges of your shape.

3.) With a 1/2″ seam allowance, begin stitching the edges together, leaving a 5” opening.

4.) Insert your crinkle cut paper and gift through the opening. Once your present has been filled, finish stitching the edge of your gift wrap. 

Tip 1: For High Impact, Stick With Simple Shapes & Clean Design

When it comes to making a statement with your unique gift wrapping, there is a value in simplicity. While you can go complicated with your overall shape design, consider your gift as a whole – if your eye is already drawn to a busy pattern, don’t confuse it with an even more complicated shape. For a beautiful gift, stick with simple shapes with clean edges.

Tip 2: The Bigger Your Shape, The Better

One of the best gift wrapping tips that we have is to always err on the side of bigger. Especially when you’re looking for ways to wrap an unusually shaped object, it is easier to cover oddly shaped items when you have a larger surface.

Tip 3: Take Your Time, It’ll Be Worth It

If you’re looking at this creative gift wrapping idea and wondering, “Can you use a sewing machine on paper?” Yes, you can! Just remember, when it comes to using heavy duty tools, prioritize safety. Use a needle that is 16/100 or larger, work with thick, durable paper that is at least 47#, and work slowly.

How are you wrapping your holiday presents? Did you want to show off your packaging skills? Let us know! In the meantime, for more professional gift wrapping tips, stay tuned. We’ll be making for super fun and easy DIYs all year long, so keep watching for more product features, tips for small businesses, and craft videos!

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  1. With Christmas around the corner, your website had the best wrapping technique for me! thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing technique.

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