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March Customer of the Month: Smashing Cake Toppers

As we begin to celebrate our centennial, we want to showcase the customers who have helped support us throughout the years with a Customer of the Month showcase, a series dedicated to recognizing longtime Paper Mart customers and their stories. 

Owner and founder of Smashing Cake Toppers, Analy Garcia with Paper Mart boxes, cushioning, and Paper Mart ribbons

Today we’re sharing the story of Smashing Cake Toppers as told by founder and creator, Analy Garcia. Smashing Cake Toppers is a SoCal-based business that produces handmade cake toppers and party decorations. Get inspired by Analy’s story here! 

A Little Bit About Smashing Cake Toppers

Hi Analy! We’re obsessed with your non-edible confections. Everything always looks so magical and beyond our wildest, sugary-sweet, iridescent dreams. What’s your story? How did you get inspired to start Smashing Cake Toppers?

SCT: Uuuf! How much time do you have? Haha! It’s such a bizarre story on how I started my business. Back in 2016, there was a day that I was bored and decided to browse Pinterest just for the fun of it. I saw a carousel themed party image and I got the random idea of “Oh, a carousel centerpiece must look cute at a carnival birthday party.” 

So I began to search for a carousel centerpiece but I didn’t find a 3D carousel as to what I had just imagined. Since I am so stubborn, I decided to buy materials and create a 3D carousel.

Owner and founder of Smashing Cake Toppers, Analy Garcia with the hosts of Home and Family

Months later, I turned on the TV in the morning, which I never do, and on the cable network show, ‘Home and Family’ on the Hallmark channel, they announced a DIY contest they were going to have. Crafters were encouraged to submit a video and some would be invited to the show and present an original craft while the public would vote to pick the winner. 

As you can imagine, I was invited and I went on the show! It was shot at Universal Backlot where movies are filmed! I had never been to Universal Studios and especially never on a TV set so I was completely on Cloud Nine. I presented my carousel craft, I didn’t win the contest, however those were the best ‘5 minutes of fame’ (as it is said). Because of those 5 minutes, I had viewers asking if I made and sold carousels. The viewers are who inspired me to open an Etsy shop and customers are who helped me evolve and create cake toppers, fake cakes, and more party decor.

Owner and founder of Smashing Cake Toppers, Analy Garcia holding a beautifully decorated fake cake

I love this journey. Sometimes things just push you in the right direction, you know? That five minutes of inspiration from scrolling through your Pinterest feed or the one time you turn on the television and see a contest – it was meant to be! 

I’m sure you’ve grown so much from when you first started. Were there any favorite things that you love making that you wanted to share with us?

SCT: It’s so hard to pick! I really like the carousel horse cake pop/cupcake toppers because they are so bright and vibrant with the satin ribbons. But it’s undeniable, I just love the fake tiered cakes I have been creating. You are able to place the fake cakes as decor at an event and keep them after your event as a keepsake.

As a fellow So-Cal business, what are your thoughts on shopping locally and family-owned? 

When you shop local, you are helping give back to your own communities and their families. 

SCT: When you hear ‘family-owned business’ it might not seem like a big deal but once you are educated more on what it means to run a business, you really grow an appreciation for local and family businesses. 

I feel more confident and trust purchasing from a family business when I know they care for their customers and employees. I feel like there is more integrity to that business and with Paper Mart, the care is truly there.

Smashing Cake Toppers & Paper Mart

Agreed. Especially nowadays, it’s so important that we support the communities closest to us. So how did your Paper Mart story begin? How did you hear about us and what keeps you coming back? 

SCT: If I can’t remember how long I have trusted Paper Mart with my supplies, then it must be quite a while. Without a doubt, I love the fast and efficient way Paper Mart handles and ships orders – it’s what keeps me coming back. What I also like is that I can buy small quantities of wholesale-priced items…does that make sense? I can’t buy big business wholesale because of storage space so with Paper Mart, its just perfect.

Yes! I totally know what you mean. Paper Mart offers wholesale prices, but what helps to differentiate us from most wholesale retailers is that we also offer smaller sets or quantities of our items – without changing the price. I completely agree. Speaking from personal experience, this is one of my favorite things about our offerings also!

SCT: Yes! I can buy small, wholesale price quantities that I am able to keep in the house. I manage my business from home. I work and create orders in a bedroom that I converted to my working craft room so I don’t have much space to use as storage. 

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

If you are a small business, take note! This is what I use to package my orders.

Shop Analy’s Favorites

Everything is great, that is why I continue to buy from Paper Mart. However, the item that gets the most attention is the round bottom basket bag. They are so clear and transparent! It really gives a high-end feel to my items. I use them to package my carousels and fake cakes. I simply tie them up with a gold metallic twist tie and ship them in a kraft box.

Paper Mart Supports The Makers & Creators

Whether you’re trying out a new craft on a whim or you’ve grown into an established business, we want you to know we support you! Our vast range of quality packaging supplies, professional advice, and award-winning customer care is put together to help support you and your business. From crystal-clear polypropylene bags to help keep your handmade goods flawless to boxes and labels for shipping, we’ve got you covered. 

These images are courtesy of Smashing Cake Toppers. If you want to check out Analy’s handmade goods, check out the Smashing Cake Toppers Etsy and don’t forget to follow them on social media (Instagram).


  1. Jeanne Pederson March 19, 2021

    Can you email me some information on your hot air balloon paper toppers? Thank you! Jeanne

  2. Azarmeen Pavri March 19, 2021

    What an awesome business idea executed by a talented lady! Great feature. Like Analy, I like the smaller wholesale quantities but sometimes I do wish you would offer samples.

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