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DIY Fall Table Runner

‘Tis the season for cozy evenings, warm gatherings, and festive décor that brings the spirit of fall into our homes. As we welcome family and friends, it’s the perfect time to infuse our spaces with seasonal charm.

In the spirit of autumnal creativity, we’ve created a fun and simple guide to creating a DIY Fall Table Runner! This unique piece promises to add a dash of homemade warmth to your gatherings and wow your guests with its charm. Read on to learn how to make this beautiful table runner!

What You’ll Need:

How to DIY a Fall Table Runner

Prepare the Base

Cut your wire to your preferred length, plus a couple of inches. This leaves room to wrap the wire around itself later. The wire will serve as the base of your runner.

Decide on the number of puffs you want and mark them on the wire, ensuring even spacing. Use the pipe cleaners to secure each marking, including both ends.

Make the Deco Mesh Puffs

Roll out your deco mesh and determine the size of each puff. Mark the length of each puff on the mesh.

Gather and pinch the ends of three deco meshes together and connect them to one end of your wire base. Use pipe cleaners to tie down the gathered deco mesh at each marking.

Embellish with Ribbons and Berries

Select three different ribbons and white berry twigs for embellishments.

For each gathered spot on the runner, attach one piece of each ribbon and two berry twigs using pipe cleaners.

Cut ribbon pieces to the desired length, excluding the ends. Secure the ribbons first, then add the berry twigs. Wrap the remaining ends of the pipe cleaners to the underside of the runner.

Final Touches

Cut the ends of the ribbon to your liking (consider fishtails for a decorative touch).

Fluff out the deco mesh and ribbons, ensuring the wire base is straight.

Bend the berry twigs where needed for added dimension.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a stunning fall-themed table runner that will catch the eye of every house guest. Feel free to customize this DIY project with your favorite colors and textures. For more inspiring DIY ideas, check out the Paper Mart blog. Happy crafting!

Paper Mart Fosters Your Creativity

Tired of the endless search for the perfect fall decor, only to come up short? Fear not! With our DIY Fall Table Runner tutorial, you can create a captivating centerpiece for your family and friends.

This table runner is also customizable, allowing you to match this DIY to your preferred aesthetic! With the array of Fall items offered here at Paper Mart, you can get creative as you infuse the spirit of the season into your home.

Looking for more crafting inspiration? Explore our How-Tos for even more ideas to enhance your autumnal ambiance!


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