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DIY Mummy Mason Jars

Get ready to transform your space into a haunting realm with our DIY Mummy Mason Jars! This delightful craft is not only a breeze to create but promises to infuse your Halloween decor with an air of eerie energy.

So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let’s embark on this spook-tacular crafting adventure. Your space is about to get a bewitching upgrade!

What You’ll Need:

How to Make DIY Mummy Mason Jars

Step 1: Secure the Ribbon

Begin by using hot glue to affix the loose end of your ribbon to the jar. Alternatively, you can use tape for this step.

Step 2: Wrap, Layer, and Secure

Wrap the ribbon around the jar, ensuring it covers the entire surface. This is where you can get creative! Feel free to layer different colored or textured ribbons for added depth and variety. Once you’ve wrapped it to your satisfaction, cut the ribbon and use glue or tape to secure it in place.

Step 3: Googly Eyes Galore!

Give your mummy personality by adding googly eyes. If your googly eyes come with adhesive backing, simply peel off the cover and stick them onto the jar. If not, use hot glue to secure them in place. Feel free to get whimsical with the number and placement of eyes!

Step 4: Oozing Slime Finishing Touches

For that extra eerie touch, use glitter glue to add oozing slime details around the jar. This step not only enhances the spooky factor but also adds a fun, textured dimension to your mummy creation.

Step 5: Illuminate Your Mummy

Place a battery-operated tealight candle or fairy lights inside the jar to bring your mummy to life in the dark. Watch as the flickering light casts hauntingly beautiful shadows through the wrapped ribbon.

Congratulations, you’ve transformed simple Mason jars into adorable mummy masterpieces! These DIY creations are perfect for adorning your Halloween festivities or adding a touch of spook to your everyday decor. Have fun experimenting with different ribbon textures and eye placements. Happy crafting!

Optional: Make a whole family of mummy jars in various sizes for a truly enchanting display!

Paper Mart Fosters Your Creativity

Tired of the endless search for the perfect decor, only to come up short? Fear not! With our DIY Mummy Mason Jars tutorial, you can create captivating Halloween-themed decor that’s sure to enchant your guests.

Not only are these jars a budget-friendly option, but they’re also entirely customizable, allowing you to match your individual style and color choices. Let your imagination run wild!

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