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Customer Spotlight: Shopgirl Cookies

When it comes to cookie artistry, Clara Vazquez stands out as a beacon of imagination and skill. As the proud owner of @ShopgirlCookies, Clara has mastered the delicate art of cookie making and decorating, making treats that are as cute as they are delicious. Her passion for crafting delectable treats is only rivaled by her dedication to keeping the spirit of creativity alive in every batch.

Join us as we delve into Clara’s world – where each cookie is a canvas, and every bite is a testament to her craftsmanship.

A Little About Shopgirl Cookies

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

SgC: My name is Clara and I am the owner of Shopgirl Cookies. I started decorating cookies in 2014 as a hobby and it quickly turned into a business.

I was introduced to cookies by a sweet friend and fellow cookier and ex-coworker. One day she showed me her cookie decorating hobby and I immediately fell in love with cookies. I started doing research, watching many videos, and buying supplies and was soon obsessed with everything cookies!

Aside from cookies, I have a full-time job, so I take a very limited amount of orders and decorate cookies at night and occasionally on the weekends. I really enjoy it, especially after a long day at work. Cookies are my passion and decorating acts as a stress reliever for me. When I decorate, I find myself getting lost in the process – it just makes me happy!

What do you love most about running your business?

SgC: The thing I love most is seeing my customers’ reactions when they pick up their cookies. The compliments I get make me feel so happy, and that makes my day. Cookies bring me joy – and it is truly a labor of love, because decorating cookies takes time and it requires a lot of patience.

I like to keep myself very busy so I am never bored. I am also a crafter, and I have an Etsy shop in which I create digital products, bows, stickers, and many more crafts!

Do you have any favorite creations that you want to share with us?

SgC: My cookies! They are made fresh upon order. Each sugar cookie is hand-decorated with royal icing and is decorated with lots of love. I take pride in decorating each and every cookie.

Shopgirl Cookies & Paper Mart

As you know, we’re celebrating 100+ years as a family-owned business and we couldn’t have done it without your support throughout the years. What are your thoughts on the importance of shopping family owned and local?

SgC: Wow, 100 years is amazing! Being a small business owner myself, I believe that supporting small and family-owned businesses and local businesses is important.

How did you hear about Paper Mart, how long have you been a customer with us, and what keeps you coming back?

SgC: I heard of Paper Mart from a sweet friend – a fellow cookier. I have been a customer of Paper Mart since 2016. I love the large variety of options, the quality of items, and the super fast shipping.

I am located in the Inland Empire, and when I order from Paper Mart, I usually get my order the very next day. It’s important because sometimes I realize I don’t have supplies, but I know that I can always count on Paper Mart to ship my order immediately.

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

SgC: I love creating bows with my Mini Bowdabra because cookies need to have cute packaging and the bows complete it. That’s where Paper Mart ribbon comes in! Paper Mart ribbons are my number one favorite – I’m obsessed with them.

I also love the clear cello bags, the clear two-piece full lid boxes, stand up pouches, and the spider ribbon.

Shop Shopgirl Cookies’ Favorites

Paper Mart Fosters Your Creativity

No matter what stage of growth you’re at in your business, we understand how important it is for you to have the best supplies to make your creative vision come to life. We are always here to lend our expertise to help you get the perfect packaging for whatever you need. Whether you love our tried-and-true bakery boxes or our cello bags for your small treats, we’ve got you covered.

These images are courtesy of Shopgirl Cookies. If you’d like to check out her cookies or shop her Etsy, check out her official channels:

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