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Utensil Caddy: A Must-Have for Summer Parties

DIY Americana Untensil Caddy Learn how to make this eco-friendly utensil caddy and plate holder to use at all of your upcoming summer parties and barbecues. The Frugal Crafter has created an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make the caddy and plate holder using supplies from Paper Mart. Her use of red, white, blue, stars, and stripes makes this caddy perfect to use for summertime events. The Americana look is festive and can work for many holidays including Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. As long as the caddy does not get dirty or wet, it should hold up for several occasions, and when you are ready to throw it out, you can recycle the cardboard! The plate holder, which is made from durable raffia wire trays and Cotton American Flag Ribbon, should hold up for several events and occasions as well! If you do not use the trays for another party, you can reuse them for storage and organization at home. Get the full tutorial from The Frugal Crafter’s blog here.

What You Will Need to Make this DIY Utensil Caddy

Find what you need to make this utensil caddy and plate holder at home! This could even be a project the kids can help with! Use our parts bin box with dividers as the base of your caddy. After painting the box, decorate it with our Cotton American Flag Ribbon and Burlap Ribbon or Jute Fabric. The Frugal Crafter uses a star stencil for this project, but you can also paint stripes by using tape. Lay down the tape in a striped pattern, paint, then peel the tape off when the paint is dry (just be sure to use a low tack tape so it is easy to peel off the cardboard). You can also apply this same concept to other parties and events. With the right stencil and ribbon, you can easily make utensil caddys for Christmas, birthday parties, Easter, and other holiday gatherings. No time to paint? Keep the box white and just embellish with ribbon! It will still look great and be a creative touch to your party.


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