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Business Ideas: Butterfly Window Displays

Give your business a haute and trendy new look with butterfly embellishments! Butterfly window displays have been taking over store displays all throughout the retail industry, and it’s making our hearts “flutter!” We love this look, as it is attractive, unique and stylish. Whether you use an assortment of colored butterflies for a colorful “pop,” a single color palette for an elegant and classy design, or choose colors that compliment the season, butterfly displays will look beautiful strung as garland, arranged in a 3-D design, or as a colorful backdrop for a mannequin display.  Here are some of our favorite findings from across the web:

3-D Butterfly Window Displays:

This gorgeous 3-D yellow and white butterfly dress is eye-catching and elegant. You can take this idea and incorporate it into your own display. Find a way to capture the essence of your business with a 3-D butterfly display. For instance, if you sell dog collars and leashes, you can make a butterfly mannequin that “walks the dog.” If you sell books, display books with butterflies “flying” out of the pages. There are many cool ways to make a 3-D butterfly display works for your business.

Yellow Butterfly Dress Display


Butterfly Garland:

No time to make a 3-D display? While 3-D displays are trendy and unique, they can be time consuming and require a lot of planning. Instead, try butterfly garland. Easily tie or clip butterfly embellishments on fishing line, twine, or thread. You can hang the garland down from the ceiling to create a “curtain” effect, or string from side to side like streamers. Whichever you choose, this look will give your storefront or display a creative look. This example from Dandelion Kids incorporates the butterfly garland in just the right way; it doesn’t take away from displaying the product, but rather, it gives it an extra “edgy” look.

Butterfly Garland Window Display


Butterfly Backdrop:

Perhaps even easier to create than garland, you can adhere the butterfly embellishments on to a backdrop. Use glue dots, hot glue, or tape to add the embellishments to your board. This example from Anthropologie is springtime-fresh. They used this display for Earth Day, and we think it couldn’t be more perfect! The blue backdrop resembles the sky with butterflies emerging for flight. The look and the feel of this display is a great way to promote products for spring or summer. However, you can apply this look to any season or holiday with the right color scheme. Even consider adding bird embellishments for an extra fun flare.

Butterfly window displays from Anthropologie


Butterflies at a Trade Show Booth:

Are you attending a trade show anytime soon? Consider making a display with butterflies. This is sure to be eye-catching and draw attention to your booth. It’s a great way to initiate conversation and get passers-by to stop and look. We took this photo at one of the trade shows we attended for Paper Mart. This booth not only stood out to us, but we noticed that many others were intrigued by this look too. You may not have a lot of space at the the trade show, but you can definitely use the space you have to make an impression.

Butterfly Display at Trade Show


Feeling inspired? Recreate one of these looks for your business using butterfly embellishments. With a large assortment of colors to choose from, you can create pretty butterfly window displays or store displays of your own. If you are having trouble thinking of a way to incorporate this look, feel free to comment below! We’d love to help you come up with some ideas.

Photo Credits: Yellow and White Butterfly Dress:, Dandelion Kids Window Display:, Anthropologie Display:

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