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How to Wrap a Book as a Gift in 6 Steps

Books are one of those gifts that keep on giving. Whether you’re looking for a present for someone who just simply loves to read, or you need something for that person who has everything…you can’t go wrong with the endless options a book can offer. From hobbies to how-to’s, books are an excellent gift for anyone on your list. 

gift wrapping a book

But, how do you spruce up the obvious look and feel of a wrapped book? Easy! Our how to gift wrap a book guide shows you what supplies you need and gives you all the steps to wrap a book that wows from the moment your lucky recipient spies their new treasure. 

Supplies Needed to Wrap a Book

Check out the supplies you should have on hand so you’re always ready to gift wrap a book that’s both beautiful and easy.

Step 1 – Wrap the Book in Tissue Paper

This is just a very quick step that adds to the overall feel of a fancily wrapped gift. A layer of tissue paper can serve as a bright pop of color (or it can be plain, no rules here!) and it also prevents you from accidentally damaging the book cover with tape. 

Step 2 – Place Book Face Down and Cut the Gift Wrap

Once you’ve selected the gift wrap you’ll use, be sure to cut enough to fully wrap the book. Lay the book face down (so the finished front side won’t have any seams) and fold the two long sides in to meet towards the middle. Run your finger along each fold to create a crisp seam at the edges.

Don’t worry too much about where the pieces will meet together – that part doesn’t have to be exactly in the middle. It’s perfectly fine for your seam to be closer to one edge or the other. The only important part is that you have enough paper to fully cover the book. 

Step 3 – Tape Inside Edges to the Tissue Paper

Tape the first side of the paper to the tissue paper liner to keep the paper securely in place. Fold the second side over, and when you have a snug fit, tape that side down too. Now we’re on to the ends of the book. 

The book ends can be the trickiest. Making sure you don’t rip the corners of the paper, fold one side of the paper-end diagonally into a triangle shape that meets the opposite corner of the book. Then do the same for the other side. You should be left with paper that ends to a point out from the book. 

Step 5 – Tape and Crease the Edges

Finally, simply fold that point into the book and tape it down. Do the same thing on the other end. Ideally, your points will meet right at your middle seam (but honestly, it doesn’t matter if they don’t – you’ll spruce the job up with your finishing touches next).

Step 6 – Add the Finishing Touches

Now for  the fun part! The decoration. Use any ribbon or bow you like. You can use complementary colors to match your paper, or you can choose striking accent colors for a real wow-factor. Tie a pretty ribbon around the book, create a nice bow and affix a gift tag or note. 

Get Book Wrapping Supplies at Paper Mart

Paper Mart’s huge selection of gift wrapping supplies and products make wrapping easy and best of all, impressive. Whether you’re wrapping a book or a bike, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. And trust us when we say, anyone can learn how to wrap books. Check out our gift wrap, tissue paper, tape, ribbons & bows so you’re always ready to wrap away!

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